Anne Curtis' Thigh-High Slit Dress Is Everything


Leave it to Anne Curtis to wear something as daring as this.

The actress posted this super sexy #OOTD photo on her official Facebook page, with the caption "The world is going to judge you, no matter what you do. So live your life the way you want to."

The Dyesebel star host reportedly wore this dress on the set of her upcoming comedy flick, The Gifted, opposite Cristine Reyes and ex-boyf Sam Milby.

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But before you ask, "Naka-panty kaya siya?" Do not worry, she was. Well, sort of. If you look at the photo closely, Anne seemed to be wearing either A. Nude underwear  B. A sheer cover-up or C. A C-string.

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This isn't the first time Anne wore something as revealing as this. Remember when she wore that Boom Sason dress for her 28th birthday on ASAP last year? Okay, let us help you refresh your memory.

The girl is gorgeous, and has some pretty toned legs to show off. Plus, if there's anyone who can pull off this hubadera trend—without looking skanky, it's Anne. So we say, YOU GO, GIIIIRRL. And well-played!

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