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Cosmo Top 10: Wicked Halloween Costumes For Cosmo Chicks

Steal the show with this fresh, hot batch of kick-ass characters.

Princess Leia with her "cinnamon buns" from Star Wars, Marilyn Monroe in a billowing white halter neck dress, and a pearl-wearing Holly Golightly in a little black Givenchy dress—all Halloween costume party classics. And by "classics" we mean "been there, done that, oh God, isn't there anything else we can wear?!"

Halloween is the only time of the year when you can go over-the-top without looking ridiculous or trying hard. In fact, the crazier, more outrageous you look, the better—the "best dressed" Halloween party people always are!

You won't find Sandy from Grease, Madonna, Lara Croft, or any of the Disney princesses on this list. True, they're all gorgeous disguises. But unless you plan to toughen up Madonna with Lara Croft's battle gear, trade Sandy's black skintight number for Britney's red bodysuit from "Oops, I Did It Again," or vamp up Snow White by dressing her up as Dita Von Teese—in short, give these old hats brand new trimmings—then you'll most likely end up on the party's "Who Wore It Better" list. (Nevertheless, we hope you at least win.)

Instead, get out of the shadows this year with our ten most inspiring picks for Halloween by clicking on the gallery below. Whether you replicate these visual spectacles 100 percent, personalize them, or combine them to create an amazingly bizarre hybrid, we guarantee you'll be the talk of the party (and in a good way). We'll let you decide on how to "supernatural-ize" them: give them vampiric fangs, witchy talons, devil tails, zombie makeup, so on and so forth—the sky's the limit.

Tell us below who you're wearing this year! Which other elaborate characters do you think should be on this list? C'mon, girls, it's time to get creative!

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