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How To Wear Green, According To Isabelle Daza

Green is SUCH a flattering color.
PHOTO: Instagram/isabelledaza

One look at Isabelle Daza's IG feed and you'll immediately notice how she's such a fan of monochromatic looks—mustard, red, and recently, green. She likes to wear one color of different hues from head-to-toe and wears classic, well-tailored pieces like button-downs, loose trousers, and pantsuits on rotation.

Olive green, Christmas green, moss green—you name it, she's worn it. Most notable too, is how green is such a flattering color on her morena skin! No wonder Belle loves wearing it everywhere: to kiddie parties, the beach, events, and even to bed.

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If you aren't yet convinced to, uh, “go green," below are tried-and-tested outfits Belle has worn herself:


The key piece/s: A ruffled dress that's absolutely summer-ready, and nowhere near OTT.

Against the backdrop of a lush, green garden or the mad waves at the beach, we see that green is such a fitting color to wear outdoors and under the sun. It's the perfect hue to complement Belle's sun-kissed skin, too!

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The key piece/s: A minimalist, one-piece outfit (in this case, a jumpsuit and a maxi dress), styled with footwear that's still within the green color spectrum.

There's something so sleek about wearing a single color, and we think it's Belle's go-to fashion formula! If you're building a (literally) green wardrobe and would like to channel Belle's style, don't forget to stock up on greens in the shoe department, too

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The key piece/s: A formal look that's extremely well-tailored, with only a few ruffles to accent and add shape.

Belle can totally pull off a shirt-and-ball skirt combo, and this black-and-emerald green ensemble is TDF. No other words to describe her look than simply elegant...and smart! In the next look, she opts for an olive green dress with 3/4 sleeves and cascading ruffles—again, doubling on the chicness!

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The key piece/s: Co-ordinates.

Belle loooves borrowing from the boys and we totally get it. Other than the fact that androgynous pieces and boyish silhouettes suit her body type well, men's clothes (or menswear-inspired, at least) happen to be one of the comfiest to wear.

Here, the green color not only shows off her skin—we think it gives her a serious, mysterious vibe also, and a look that says she knows her fashion.

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The key piece/s: An olive green button-down

Belle would rather wear it matchy-matchy with a darker green skirt, but you can actually wear this staple with just about anything! Think white jeans, mommy jeans, khakis, a pencil skirt, a ball skirt, et cetera.

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The key piece/s: A green pajama or errand-day dress

By now, you're probably convinced how flattering the color green is, and how it's such a versatile hue, too. We're not even surprised that Belle chooses to wear it on off-duty days and to bed, as well.

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