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Grown-Up Ways To Wear Your Teenage Style Staples

You'll never be confused for a 16-year-old kid again.

With a few styling tips, you can still make your old closet staples work for you in your twenties. Because no one wants to post a current photo and have people think it's a #Throwback. Yikes. 

Jean shorts

The golden rule is to keep them a little relaxed, never tight. Pick shorts that are a little looser, slouchier.

Tuck a crisp, white button-down into your favorite denim shorts, and add a statement belt for a polished look. Most classic tops will yield the same result. Think: striped tee and structured jacket.

Select a rolled-hem pair. Not only is it a great way to change the length but the folded part also gives a tailored vibe. Or go for Bermuda shorts (knee-length) that are always age-appropriate and look great with a flowy top and sneakers.

Wear a denim pair out at night by slipping into tall, pointy stilettos. It’s a fool-proof way to look sophisticated.

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Skater skirt

Here’s how to wear this in the office—at least on a casual Friday: pick a skater skirt in a solid, light color and tuck in a black blouse for a dressy outfit you can wear beyond work hours. Don’t forget to button up the blouse all the way to offset the skirt's short length.

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Not into tucking things in? No worries. Worn with a sweater and a chunky necklace, a pleated skater skirt is taken to chic grown-up territory.

Try pairing it with a boxy top, too. The key is to make sure the skirt is short, and the top is slightly cropped and has thick fabric to hold shape.

Denim Jumper

To turn this Oshkosh B’Gosh classic into a more grown-up peg, sport a pair in an unexpected fabric like leather, all-white, or silk-blend. You can also opt for tailored, slim-cut, or one with flared legs—it can even pass for a jumpsuit.

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Experiment with the hem by pin rolling the cuffs to show off your heels or sandals.

A pair of jumper shorts will look more grown-up with an interesting top and a cardigan in a contrasting color, so remember to layer, especially in the chillier months. (We know, you get cold easily.)

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