Guys Reveal: What They Want To See You Wear On Dates

Single? Figure out what clothes would capture that hot guy's attention. Dating? Keep him entranced by your style. Cosmo asked tips from real men.
We all know that men are not as particular as women are when it comes to fashion. Don’t get them wrong: they do appreciate your effort to doll up when you go out with them. But what they really care for is how each garment fits and perfectly accentuates your silhouette. A tulip skirt and a bubble skirt are both just skirts to them, who cares? What they care about is how great your legs look under both.

Contrary to popular belief, no matter how sensual they are, most Pinoy men still find women who leave some to the imagination a lot sexier than those who almost reveal the entire package. Take a cue from these guys who revealed what outfits they look forward to seeing on their dates.


“I like it when my girl dresses up for me: a sexy but classy dress showing just enough skin to catch my attention, with bunched up hair to show her sexy neckline, and just enough makeup to highlight her nice eyes and lips.”
- Iko, 22, Technical Consultant

“Definitely no mini skirts and skimpy outfits. For casual dates, I like the pants-shirt-and-sneakers combination. Plus, no heavy makeup and fresh-from-the-salon hairstyle, please. I go for the all-natural look. I like girls who wear their style effortlessly, but still end up stunning and definitely not conceited.”
- Genson, 27, Account Executive

Dapat dressed to kill. Kidding! Really, [I like] a sexy but not slutty dress. Not too much makeup. Non-oily hair you can run your fingers through and lips perfect for pouting or kissing.”
- Miggy, 29, College Teacher

“I picture her in something simple yet trendy, though nothing too flashy. On special dates, it will not hurt if she dresses up a notch higher. This makes me feel so special. I could imagine the effort she went through just to wow me.”
- Mark, 31, CPA

“It always depends on the kind of date. But I prefer them in casual clothes. [I like] girls who are comfortable in jeans and t-shirt. It never fails to turn me on.”
- Paolo, 26, Account Executive

“It depends on the date, but on usual ones, some great jeans and a simple form-fitting top is cute (and functional for many great date activities). No need for classy embellishments unless it’s for a really special occasion.”
- Paolo, 24, Web Content Developer

“Nothing specific, as long as she’s comfortable and it's appropriate for where we are going.”
- Nilord, 22, Associate Software Engineer

“Anything conservative and a bit formal, but definitely still sexy.”
- Rikki, 22, Technical Support

“Anything that my partner would like to wear, just as long as she would be able to carry it well and she wouldn’t be quoted as too liberated.”
- Ernest, 21, Nurse

“Anything she’s comfortable in. I wouldn’t want our date to cramp her style. It’d be hard to get to know the real her if she doesn’t come as herself.”
- Calde, 28, Bassist

“I want a girl in a dress and flat shoes. [I like] an outfit that’s not too formal with minimal accessories better.”
- Gisli, 22, Bank Marketing Assistant

“I want to see her in a simple yet elegant dress.”
- Leo, 22, Design Engineer

“I like it when girls wear dresses on dates.”
- Aldrick, 23, Auditor

“I like it when she’s in a dress under a cardigan and flats.”
- Harold, 24, CAD Architect


“It must be sexy: A black top with a plunging neckline paired with a tight mini skirt.”
- Paul, 22, Law Student

“I want a girl to wear a skimpy skirt with a blouse, plus a set of hot underwear underneath."
– Benjamin, 24, Law Student

“I’d like it if my date would wear something which will show a little of her wild side yet still leaves some to the imagination.”
- Butz, 25, Accounts Executive

“[Any, really,] as long as she’s in a mini skirt!”
- Luke, 28, Operations Assistant

“She should turn me on the minute I see her. I’d like to see her in a nice little red or black dress that fits her well in all angles.”
- Jim, 30, Financial Analyst

“A sheer dress. Do I need to say anything more?”
- Jayson, 32, Lawyer

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