How To Dress For The Weekend When You're Too Lazy To Think

No sloppy looks for you!

We don’t know about you, but we like spending our weekends relaxing, lazing around, and pretty much not giving AF. Our minds have been on constant overdrive throughout the working week that by the time Friday comes along, we really don’t want to deal with anything complicated. This naturally extends to fashion—why bother when there are shows to watch, people to cuddle with, beds to sleep on…

On your off days, clothing should be effortless and fuss-free! Look to these local bloggers for OOTD inspiration:

1. Camille Co perfects the casual luxe look with a lace shirt, distressed denim shorts, easy slides, and a designer purse.

2. Hanging out with friends? Pair a mini skirt with a striped top for that relaxed ‘70s vibe.

3. Up the ante of your basic pieces by accessorizing with some statement jewelry.

4. Cute co-ords make mixing and matching a thing of the past.

5. Dressier than jeans but just as comfy, culottes are topnotch weekend wear.

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6. Hitting the beach? A nautical romper doubles as your bikini coverup.

7. Stay cool (literally) in an easy embroidered dress and sandals.

8. A striped tee paired with black overalls is our bet for nailing boy-girl dressing.

9. Bright prints and the right accessories make you look like you thought your outfit through.

10. A lightweight slip dress and platform slides are just about the easiest thing to put on.

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