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How To Take Beach-Ready OOTDs, According To Your Favorite Celebs

Worth all the double taps!
PHOTO: Instagram/mainedcm

Time to learn the ways of these style stars and bring OOTD ideas to your next beach trip!

  1. Use the sea—you’re at the beach after all! Nothing could make a more ~dramatic~ shot than this.

    Kiana Valenciano and Nadine Lustre show us that if you can’t create that cool-girl, surfing-the-waves photo, you can simply just sit on the shore.

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  2. Take the photo with your best bud. Twinning is still in.

    Elisse Joson and Jinri Park wear matchy-matchy flowers on their hair—and it makes all the difference!

    Bianca King and Beauty Gonzales look better together, don't you think?

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  3. Pose with your fur baby!

    Lauren Reid and her gang are total squad goals.

    Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares an intimate moment with her pug by the pool.

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  4. Sexy back + that beach bum? Always a good idea.

    Bela Padilla shows off the cool detail of her suit’s back straps—and her always-ready-for-the-beach body.

    We love Lovi Poe’s super backless suit (and her sandy beach bum)!

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  5. Flaunt your chic cover-up against the breathtaking scenery.

    Jessy Mendiola lets her see-through dress—and the sun and sand—do the talking.

    Don’t you think Heart Evangelista’s OOTD is totally coordinated with nature’s color palette?

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  6. Rid yourself of any ~awkwardness~ and use what’s around you.

    Look away so you don’t feel self-conscious.

    Use your phone, your beach hat, your sunglasses, whatever! The goal is to look as hot and confident as Lauren Reid and Louise Delos Reyes.

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  7. When all else fails, there’s always that so-called “blogger pose.”

    You know it very well: hold onto your hair, look elsewhere, and then angle your body.

    Maine Mendoza and Heart are total pros!

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