How To Dress Like A Korean

10 tips for nailing cool Korean style.
PHOTO: (INSTAGRAM) realstreet1, camscon

Korean fashion isn’t all about the sexy skin-baring getups and pa­-cute costumes idols wear on stage. If you walk down trendy Garosu-gil in Gangnam or explore the student-driven enclave that is Hongdae, you’ll find that the typical Korean outfit is actually very wearable—and chic AF. Below, 10 tips to help you dress the part:

1. Elevate basics with effortless styling.

2. A borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetic always works.

3. Bitin pants are the perfect way to show off your shoe game.


4. Sneakers are essential.

5. Outsized shapes and silhouettes are your best friend.

6. Make interesting details the talking point of your look.

7. Be experimental with layering.

8. Cleavage isn’t really a thing, but exposed legs make up for it.

9. Have an array of jackets to punch up your look.

10. Couple outfits are real and valid.

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