20 Cute And Sexy Outfit Ideas, As Seen On Michelle Dy

She's smokin'!
PHOTO: Instagram/michelledyy

Aside from creating relatable and informative beauty content on YouTube, Michelle Dy is busy setting her feed on fire with double tap-worthy OOTD content. She's a self-proclaimed hubadera—a person who feels confident wearing sexy outfits—and TBH, she looks good in them! 

Michelle knows how to display the right amount of skin. For example, when she's wearing a sexy top, she matches it with bottoms that provide more coverage. But on some days (especially when she's at the beach or out at events), she just lets go and shows off her assets! If you're into hubadera OOTDs like her, check out her tried-and-tested style formulas below:

  1. Halter top + denim cutoffs

  2. Colorful bandeau top + white denim shorts

  3. Asymmetric cut-out bodysuit + palazzo pants

  4. Loungewear shorts set

  5. Off-the-shoulder black bodysuit + small crossbody bag + denim cutoffs

  6. Lace corset top + ripped light wash jeans

  7. Baseball cap + cropped boxy tee + denim cutoffs

  8. Neon asymmetric top + hoop earrings + black utiltarian pants

  9. Straight neck bodysuit + black belt + denim cutoffs

  10. Camouflage bandeau top + cargo pants + heeled boots

  11. Cropped sweater + denim cutoffs + sneakers

  12. Oversized denim jacket + gray tank + black camisole + denim shorts

  13. Maroon bomber jacket + peach peekaboo bodysuit + denim shorts

  14. Lace bodysuit + metallic belt + crossbody chain purse + dark skinny jeans

  15. Bright ruffled tube top + mom jeans

  16. Criss-cross halter LBD

  17. Mockneck bodycon dress + thigh high boots

  18. Black bodysuit + black belt + crossbody chain bag + dark skinny jeans

  19. Sequinned bandeau top + high waist light wash jeans

  20. Sparkly crop top + high waist light wash jeans

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