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One-Piece Swimsuits For The Perfect Beach OOTD

Swap your favorite bikini for this ultra-sexy alternative!

If Instagram is any indication, these days, it's all about the maillot! From Sarah Lahbati to Kylie Jenner, more and more women are favoring swimsuits that are just a bit covered up—we say "a bit" because these one-piece styles compensate by showing a lot of back and booty. ;)

Find your new go-to below!

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Blush low-back maillot, P880, Kats Clothing


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Black backless maillot, P1,910, Hey Babe


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Shard print swimsuit, P3,450, Marks & Spencer


Pink polka dot maillot, P2,000, Sundae


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Navy cold-shoulder maillot, P1,950, Coral


Gray ladder-front maillot, P1,700, Beyond the Beach


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Neoprene zip-up one-piece, P2,580, Cesa

Green triangle maillot, P2,500, Float


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Burgundy ruffled swimsuit, P1,490, H&M


Tropical print maillot, P1,495, Freeway

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