One-Piece Swimsuits That Look Good On Everyone

Only the best and most flattering. ;)
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A one-piece swimsuit is flattering on every body type. It enhances your curves, and if we're being totally honest here, wearing it doesn't make you conscious of your food baby! You'll never have to worry about all the snacks and drinks you'll be consuming during your vacay.

And if you think maillots are boring, we found the prettiest ones you won't regret bringing to your upcoming summer getaway. See them all below!

  1. Sandy Cheeks Margarita

    The color-blocking style of this swimsuit highlights your waist, creating an hourglass shape.

    Sandy Cheeks Margarita, P1,900, Sandy Cheeks

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  2. Cesa Mandy Maillot

    This quirky yellow maillot will surely brighten your summer getaway photos!

    Cesa Mandy Maillot, P2,780,

  3. Eighth Mermaid Jill Full Piece

    The square neckline defines your shouders, creating a flattering silhouette.

    Eighth Mermaid Jill Full Piece, P1,900,

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  4. H&M One-shoulder Swimsuit 

    Give a small chest a boost with ruffles! Bonus: The asymmetric neckline makes your body look slender and taller.

    H&M One-shoulder Swimsuit, P1,690, SM Megamall

  5. Float Tia Swimsuit in Black

    A basic black one-piece in this style should be in every girl's beach must-haves. This particular swimsuit is made of UV-blocking fabric for added protection from the sun.

    Float Tia Swimsuit in Black, P2,300, Adora;

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  6. Lluvia Amber One-Piece

    The deep-plunge neckline will look good on you, cleavage not required. But if you're blessed in that department, then by all means, flaunt those girls!

    Lluvia Amber One-Piece, P1,199,

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  7. Forever 21 Ribbed One-Shoulder Swimsuit

    The cutout style of this swimsuit gives the illusion of a bikini! 

    Forever 21 Ribbed One-Shoulder Swimsuit, SM Megamall

  8. Boom Sason Selena Maillot

    The halter neckline and high-cut style elongates your body and highlights your curves. The best part? You can have this customized to your size.

    Boom Sason Selena Maillot, Starts at P5,000, Quick Custom Boom Sason RTW

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