Selena Gomez's Best Fashion Moments Of 2017

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With 122 million Instagram followers, I think it's safe to say we're all obsessed with Selena Gomez. As we can't get enough of her style, we put together all her best fashion moments in one place. You know, so we can drool over her outfits together.

Attending the Billboard Women in Music 2017

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this outfit? The ripped leather trousers, the super low-cut corset, and that high-waisted belt, just marry us already Selena.

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Having a PVC moment

PVC clothing isn't just for sex shops. Something that Sel proved when we wore the hell out of this PVC pinafore on her Instagram.

A pink moment in NYC

Who said you could only wear pink on Wednesdays? Definitely not Selena.

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Making a radio appearance in NYC

Sometimes simplicity works best, as Selena proves in this '90s-inspired monochrome jumper dress.

Visiting Music Choice in NYC

In theory, a half-pinstripe, half-pleated dress really shouldn't work. But somehow Selena manages to pull it off!

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Visiting NYC

Wearing an outfit Kate Middleton would be proud of. This structured blue dress makes for some serious power dressing.

Out and about in New York

Even when she's on "casual" mode, Ms. Gomez still looks better than all of us. We love her combo of orange mules, denim jeans, and a striped cropped top.

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At the airport in L.A.

Airport attire usually consists of leggings and a hoodie. Selena, on the other hand, goes rock 'n' roll in an all-black outfit, complete with a crop top.

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Attending the 2017 Met Gala

We love the contrast of the simple cut of her dress and the detailed embellishments. 

Attending the 13 Reasons Why premiere

Selena looked practically gilded at the red carpet premiere of her new show.

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At We Day in California

We are living for this pale blue gingham moment. It's like an adult Dorothy went and got a job in the city. Extra points for the matching baby blue shoes.

Out and about in New York

Admittedly, this dress would be unforgiving if you had any tan lines. But this is Selena Gomez we're talking about.

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At the 2016 American Music Awards

Sel was giving us some serious J.Law-circa-2011-Oscars vibes in this stunning red dress.

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Performing in Sydney, Australia

If you can't wear a sheer mesh outfit when you're on stage, when can you? 


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