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6 Ways To Style Your Black And White Outfits Like Bela Padilla

Aka our favorite color combo.
PHOTO: Instagram/belapadilla

100 Tula Para Kay Stella’s Bela Padilla has stellar style. When she’s not on vacation, she trades her floral frocks and bikini looks for supremely chic black-and-white outfits paired with well-placed accessories and looks just as stunning.

Here are six easy fashion formulas we’ve taken from the style star:

1. Choose a single statement piece, while keeping the rest understated.

Walking down the streets, Bela embraces comfort and function and goes for a stacked heel. She keeps everything else simple in an all-black palette and a designer bag to complete her look.

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2. Begin with your usual off-duty outfit, then pile on accessories!

A plain black tee and comfy cut-offs are closet staples for every lazy girl, but Bela shows us how to spice things up. She puts on a bowler hat, layers of accessories, and of course, heels to bring even more attention to her long, long legs.

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3. Stick to all-black, but with a surprise accent print.

Bela’s off-duty style is pretty much easy to copy, too. Here, she keeps her entire outfit muted with a solid black set and white shoes, and brings with her the only accent to her look: A camo-print bag.

4. Black and white and a pop of color is always a good idea.

Here’s another variation of her errand day look: She keeps her sunglasses, bag, and jeans and tee ensemble understated, but punctuates her outfit with red shoes.

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5. Update the classic French girl look with accessories, or choose non-basic pieces like a deep V-neck top.

By now we should have learned that Bela’s style secret is sticking to classic silhouettes with modern pieces, and then glamming everything up with a well-edited accessories.

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6. Use your edgy accessories to add a modern twist to dressy formal.

When it’s time to dress up, Bela sticks to her favorite non-color. See how her dress speaks through its dramatic silhouette and ruffled volume. Paired with her bowler hat and a chandelier choker, she’s definitely made this evening look her own.

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