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Style Peg: Toni Gonzaga in Starting Over Again

Sleek pencil skirts, sky-high heels and a crop top to win your ex back? Well played, Toni.

It's official: Toni Gonzaga in Starting Over Again is our newest style crush!

The actress, who plays college student Ginny in the movie, is head-over-heels in love with her professor Sir Marco (played by Piolo Pascual). The two end up together and then break up (duh!), but eventually find themselves meeting again—years after their split.

While we loved the plot (Watch out for the unexpected twist!), we couldn't help but notice Ginny's style transformation from a dorky college student to a full-fledged fashionista.

Ginny graduated from her jeans-and-tee combo and moved on to more stylish choices: tight-fitting pencil skirts, stilettos, and crop tops, which she used to seduce Marco.

Loved Toni's clothes in the movie? Launch our gallery and find out how you can steal her style!

And in case you need more reason to watch the movie—watch the trailer below.

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