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The Fashion And Beauty Resolutions You Need To Do In 2015

Bagong taon na, girl.

1. Incorporate marsala into your wardrobe.
Yes, Marsala is Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year and you have to deal with it because you’ll be seeing it everywhere. You don’t need to buy a marsala jacket or pants if the color isn’t your thing. But it would be good to spend on smaller items—like a pair of heels, accessories, or an evening clutch—as accent pieces. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit, especially if you HATE wearing color.

2. In fact, you should incorporate the color into your beauty routine, too.
Marsala nails, marsala lips, marsala on your cheeks—it’s a flattering color on morenas, chinitas, and mestizas!

3. Spend more on jewelry.
We know there is no greater joy than purchasing a sparkly, expensive-looking ring worth P150, but eventually that ring will stain fingers—causing a green mark which screams, “I’m cheap!”


Real jewelry is expensive, sure. And we’re not saying spend your paycheck on a P100,000 ring. But we do suggest saving up little by little for jewelry that will literally last you a lifetime.

4. Invest in good underwear, even if you're fully-clothed all the time.
Do not be one of those girls who wears a bra with bacon straps, because “wala naman makakakita, eh!” Underwear is a sexy, intimate piece of clothing—and it should make you feel exactly that: SEXY.

Here are three things you absolutely must have inside your drawer: a nude strapless bra, a black strapless bra, high-waisted control underwear, nude seamless knickers, and black seamless knickers. La Senza, Triumph, and Avon have a really good selection of intimates for women. Good underwear is expensive, but they are worth every peso.

5. Get a dermatologist.
So you get an extensive facial once a month at a mall. That’s good, right? Not really. While a facialist may be good at removing your blackheads and whiteheads, you still need a dermatologist to tell you what's really wrong with your skin. Your facialist will extract your zits, but your dermatologist will analyze your face, sit down with you, and tell you exactly what’s causing your acne. Your derma can also prescribe some topical and oral medications suited for you, so you don't break out as often.

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Some of our favorite dermatologists include Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin (her clients include Patty Laurel and Maggie Wilson), Dr. Aivee Teo of The Aivee Institute, and Dr. Windie Hayano of Skin Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center. Do your skin a favor, and book an appointment, stat.

6. And a hairstylist.
You know that friend who has annoyingly perfect hair every time you see her, you actually want to punch her in the face for being so flawless? Chances are she has a trusted hairstylist who she’s been seeing since she was 15 years old. Ask your friends for recommendations, and schedule an appointment, ASAP.

If you like how your hair looks like after the cut, keep coming back! You have to establish a good relationship with a stylist, because your hair is a precious, beautiful thing. No one should fuck it up.

7. And an eyebrow threader. And a waxer who makes you comfortable about being butt-naked.
Yes and yes.


8. And also, a designer.
Nothing beats getting a bespoke dress for your fancy events. Sure, you can get a dress off the rack for half the cost, but it pays to have a designer friend who can get your exact measurements and tell you what color, cut, and style will work best for your body type and for the event you’re going to.

Not everyone is #blessed with a model figure, but a good designer should be able to whip you up an outfit that makes you feel like a model.

9. Speaking of dresses! Get rid of that dress that doesn’t fit you anymore!
“I’m going to keep this dress, because papayat pa ako!” is something we’ve actually said at one point in our lives. While we do not doubt your capacity to lose weight (yes, you can!) for 2015, you have to get rid of that tiny dress because 1. It’s taking closet space; 2. Even if you do shrink into it, it probably won’t look the same anymore; and 3. GOD, JUST GET A NEW DRESS THAT LOOKS BETTER ON YOU.


10. Write down outfit ideas.
Sometimes inspiration strikes. Sometimes you see a cool girl getting her Starbucks frappuccino, and realize she is the most stylish human being you have ever seen. And also, you think you can totally pull off her denim-on-denim outfit combination.

Type her outfit down on your phone, and then go home, look at your closet, and see if you have similar pieces. We’re serious! If in the middle of bank errands, you think of a brilliant new way to wear your chambray polo, write it down! When you run out of outfit ideas, you can open that note, and realize you have a billion options.

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