The Left-Handed Girl's Quick Guide To Fashion And Beauty

Your diamond ring gets more mileage since you use your left hand more.

In honor of the lovely lefties living in a right-handed world, I have put together a few fun tips so that you can easily go from awkward to gorgeous!

1. Wearing an engagement ring and wedding band on the left ring finger is a timeless tradition that is truly ours—the rings get more mileage since we use the left hand more. But if your diamonds get in the way, go ahead and move your rings to the right. Don’t worry about what it means to others; it’s what it means to YOU that counts.

2. Same goes for your timepiece—wear it where it feels more comfortable. It’s also worth noting that reputable watchmakers now make lefts, or watches with the crown placed at the nine o'clock position instead of the typical three o'clock.

3. The strap of a wristlet is almost always attached on the right side, which makes hooking it to the left wrist feel awkward if you want the bag’s front to face the outer side. The quick fix is to just let your wristlet dangle from your grip. A Coach wristlet usually has a clip on the wrist strap to be able to switch it into a small top-handle purse aka kili-kili bag.

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4. When wearing your best outfit or anything white, think ahead to thwart unfortunate events: sit on the left end of the table so you don’t elbow a drinking glass or the person next to you, and hold teapots and soup ladles with extreme caution so even if you’re pouring the left (I refuse to say "wrong") way, at least your hand is steady.

5. Consider Sephora Collection Smart Liner to make your eyeliner application easier. The curved shape feels natural to hold and it works well for either hand. An angled eyeliner brush also works wonders to even out your cat-eye flicks. Draw a tiny leftward checkmark on the outer left eye and a mini Nike swoosh on the right. Lining the right eye might feel a little strange at first so #JustDoIt and practice.

6. Into a DIY mani? When you’re painting your left hand, keep the right steady by resting it on a flat surface and letting your left hand do all the back and forth movement while you slowly apply the nail polish. This practice also works for righties who tend to screw up the nail job on their dominant hands. Nail art blogger Rina Alcantara has an easy how-to video on how not to mess up your nails using your non-dominant hand:

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7. If you’re planning to get yourself a Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush, make sure it’s not the bean shaped kind–its contour makes it impossible to hold on the left.

8. As for the pen ink smudge on the outer side of the pinky that is cramping your style, that’s nothing hand sanitizer or wet wipes can’t remove!

Got any more left-handed fashion and beauty tips? Share them in the comments section!

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