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This Is How Your Boyfriend Should Cuff His Jeans

Bookmark this page for him, because you know he won't.

So your guy likes his sneakers and jeans combo, huh? Well, there's actually a correct way of wearing jeans with kicks to make his outfit look a little more stylish.

Pinrolling or cuffing isn't a requirement when pairing pants with sneakers, but it can certainly make your man's outfit look more streamlined. Slim-fit guy jeans aren't as skinny as girl jeans, so when guys don't fold their pants—especially if they're wearing bulky sneaks—the outfit looks sloppy (no matter how expensive the shoes are!).

Plus, the whole point of cuffing jeans is to make your guy show off his sneakers, and no one is going to notice them if they're covered in jeans.

We found a smart tutorial on how to pinroll jeans the right way, and it is soo easy!

Bookmark this page for him, because you KNOW he won't.

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