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This Is The Easiest Way To Remove A Stain On Your Leather Skirt

It only involves bringing out your kikay kit!

Love wearing leather things? You aren't alone.

Leather is such a luxe fabric that if you have one leather piece in your ensemble, you are automatically promoted to The Coolest Chick At The Party. No, really. But as much as we absolutely love incorporating it in our oufits, it's not exactly the easiest item to wash (you can't just toss it inside your washing machine)especially if you get it soiled.

Here's a fashion hack we learned from Next time you stain your leather item, don't take it to a professional cleaner just yet. Simply use your makeup wipes to remove the splotchand ta-da! Good as new!

Stain won't come off? You might want to bring your garment to a leather specialist, like Doctor Leather. Those guys can fix anything: discolored bags, damaged wallets, even suede luggages.

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