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8 Ways To Layer Your Office Clothes Without Dying From The Heat

Aka how to stay sweat-free in rainy season workwear.

It’s tempting to go on full-on layering mode, now that the rainy season has finally arrived. But in our excitement to bring out the jackets and sweaters, what we fail to realize is that—surprise, surprise—the weather can be erratic AF. It might have been cool and chilly on your commute to work, only to be hot and sunny by the time you step out for lunch. Here are outfits that get the balance right:

1. Add structure to a slip dress by belting a cargo vest over it.

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2. Breezy white separates are a cooler option than dark hues. Add a pastel blazer for a pop of color.

3. When picking out fabrics, go for lightweight pieces—think a silky camisole and loose trousers under a relaxed blazer.

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4. Compensate for bare legs with an oversized blazer thrown casually over your shoulders.

5. Get more mileage out of a sleeveless dress by layering it over a floaty blouse.

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6. A blazer over a dress is nothing ordinary—unless rendered in soft blush, of course.

7. Style your summer tanks and tops for work by pairing with tailored pieces.

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8. If a suit can get stifling, try this look instead: tuck a short-sleeved blouse into a pencil skirt and finish with a sleeveless coat.

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