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8 Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

Holes and ripped clothes don't belong here.
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Weddings these days aren't strict about dress codes because couples are more progressive than they used to be. That's great! But still, while you have a lot more freedom than you may have had 10 years or so ago, there are some things to remember while getting dressed to be respectful of the ceremony and the people getting married. Let's get into it, shall we?

  1. Don't wear white.

    Or off-white, or really, really pale blue. This should be a no-brainer, but it still bears saying. White dresses are cute, I feel you! But just try not to in this instance. This is the one thing the bride cares about—she's most likely wearing white, and her white thing def cost more than yours. That wins in this case because she/her family is throwing a party and you are her/their guest. If you want to wear something close to white, try a neutral!

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  2. Leave the sweats at home.

    Even if the wedding is a more casual event, I promise you: It is not that casual. Like your mom always says, "It's better to be overdressed than underdressed." If you are concerned about your comfort level for the day, try an outfit in a soft, natural fabric like cotton.

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  3. Denim = No.

    Jeans are too casual as well. Plus, why wear denim when you can wear it literally any other day?

  4. Say bye to shorts, guys.

    This applies mainly to the men out there, but stick with pants. Yes, even if it's a hot day in the summer. Women deal with uncomfortable fashion conditions all the time—you can handle it for one day. Lightweight linen pants can help combat the heat problem.

  5. Cover your shoulders when applicable.

    Is the ceremony taking place in a church or in an institution with a more modest dress code? Be respectful of that, and bring a shawl, sweater, or jacket to cover yourself.

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  6. Cargo pants are not okay.

    If you choose to wear pants, do not wear pants with cargo pockets. I refuse to have to explain myself on this one. You know it is wrong. Try trousers or pantsuits instead.

  7. Don't go against the dress code.

    Okay, okay, I know I said it's better to overdress than to underdress, and I stand by that in general. But read the room: Don't wear a tux or a ballgown to a backyard wedding—in that case, it's better to keep it casual. A tea-length or a maxi dress are good options.

  8. Rips and holes, even intentional ones, do not belong.

    Don't wear Yeezy-inspired pieces to a wedding. If you like the idea of showing a little skin, consider a stylish cutout instead.

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