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He says he's 'very happy.'
In a tell-all interview with Boy Abunda, Gerald Anderson finally clarified rumors surrounding him and his Between Maybes co-star Julia Barretto. Boy Abunda asked him if Julia Barretto is a source of happiness for him-and his heart-right now,
Looks like JLC was also hurting from the 'Paubaya' mv.
Many of us were a complete wreck after seeing Moira Dela Torre's "Paubaya" music video, which includes a gutting closure scene between exes Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia.It's easy to interpret the dialogue between Julia and Joshua
'I make sure na I educate myself through reading books, watching documentaries.'
Bea Alonzo is known to be well-spoken-in both English and Filipino-and proves that education can continue beyond the classroom.The 33-year-old Kapamilya star said she did not grow up in an English-speaking household.Bea told PEP.
She’s a pro when it comes to managing her money!
Bea Alonzo is one of the most successful actresses in showbiz, so that must mean she's living a very lavish lifestyle, right? Turns out, this couldn't be more wrong. In fact, she only bought her first luxury bag seven years
It's going to be a remake of the hit Korean film 'A Moment To Remember.'
We love how Bea Alonzo only has the nicest things to say about her soon-to-be leading man Alden Richards: "He's such a nice person, very pleasant," she shared during an interview with Summit Media journalists. Bea and Alden
Bea plays badminton three to four times a week.
Bidding the dumpster fire that was 2020 goodbye, we're all just trying to put our best foot forward this year, and Bea Alonzo is no different. Professionally, she has a three movies lined up until June, but her hustle doesn&#
She once bought herself flowers for V-Day!
No doubt about it: Bea Alonzo is super happy these days, and she has certainly moved on from that ~ghosting~ issue. She's marking her 20th year in the industry (she entered showbiz at only 13 years old) and has recently
They revealed all the deets while playing the 'Never Have I Ever' game.
It's no secret that Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo are BFFs. In fact, they've been known to share a sisterly bond with other celebs like Anne Curtis, and Dimples Romana. In the middle of the pandemic, the four
And which stars would make them feel 'selos.'
On February 4, 2021, Jessy Mendiola dropped a video on YouTube where she and her fiancé Luis Manzano can be seen playing a game called Jojowain o Totropahin. Jessy has a list of celebs, and she and Luis would have to say
Including the erotic film 'The Housemaid!'
Wondering what new movies to watch and look forward to in 2021? Viva Films and TinCan Films PH have *prepared* different remakes of Korean films for us-it's always nice to see a movie adaptation with that ~distinct Pinoy~ feel!
Bea answers the internet's *most-searched* questions about her.
Bea Alonzo has been on a roll with her YouTube videos recently, and in her latest upload, she answered the internet's burning questions about her! She answered some ~juicy~ questions, so obvs, we were all ears on this one.One
The clues are all over Insta!
Internet sleuthing is something almost all of us do on social media. We *notice* the seemingly little details in the posts of people we follow, especially celebrities. Take for example Bea Alonzo and her rumored new beau Dominic Roque. Last week, both
Dominic Roque? 'JOJOWAIN!'
Don't you just love seeing cute mother-daughter moments from your fave celebs? In a recent YouTube vlog, Bea Alonzo guested the "most important" and "most special" person in her life, and it's none other than her mom,
'I am not exaggerating when I say that his presence is mesmerizing.'
I don't know about you, but my childhood was filled with many *fun* after-school activities such as eating meryenda, playing outside with friends, and, yes, waiting for my favorite actors to appear on TV. Remember those ~simpler~ times? With
And it looks like she's going to be a great year for her career.
With the dumpster fire that was 2020 and a new year upon us, we're all asking ourselves: What's next? What's to come? In a YouTube vlog, Bea Alonzo invited her friend, Kakai Bautista, and the two
Pasta la vista, baby.
Pasta is arguably the most reliable dish because even with a fairly simple recipe, you'd still end up with something delicious. When you're pressed for time, it's easy to whip up in the kitchen, and if you have no
It's a must-watch for 'Four Sisters And A Wedding' fans!
Most of us know the story of sisters Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Alex (Angel Locsin), and Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), and how they try to keep their youngest brother, CJ (Enchong Dee), from marrying a girl he's only known
It's a pretty common practice in the industry!
You might not know it, but some of your favorite stars actually go by a different name in real life. It's a pretty common practice in the entertainment industry to use screen names for several reasons. Some do it as
It's going to be directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina!
Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz's reunion movie is really happening, you guys! Here's what we know about No Goodbyes (so far): The film will be directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, whose recent works include the hit films
'I wear perfume not for other people but for myself.'
Though she's had her own YouTube channel for more than two years now, Bea Alonzo started regularly uploading vlogs during quarantine. She's invited us into her home through a two-part tour (and we found out she has