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You've heard her on the radio and seen her on TV, but how well do you know this media darling? Get to know Jessica better by peeking into her tote.
Spending hours at the DJ booth wading through song requests, talking nonstop about anything under the sun, and staying perky through it all can be a tough job, but radio talk show host and Fun Fearless Female Awardee, Jessica Mendoza, pulls it
Meet the charming radio personality and health-conscious chef who both made it to our annual list of admirable women. Watch their shoot footage and interviews here!
Meet the Fun, Fearless Female Awardee who's conquering both radio and television airwaves with her charming personality and girl-next-door appeal.
There was once a time when working in radio was a faceless profession. But today, many radio personalities have broken free of the booth to explore the other exciting projects that the world of mass media has to offer. Case in point:
Discover the face behind the voice as we give you behind-the-scenes access to Andi-9's Fun, Fearless Female Awards shoot!
If you're a music lover, chances are, you've been introduced to many of your favorite songs on the radio by one familiar, animated voice on a daily basis. Known to most radio listeners as Andi-9 of Magic 89.9,