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Who else misses Sarah Crewe from 'Sarah...Ang Munting Prinsesa?'
For some unexplained reason, child stars have always had a certain hold over audiences. Is it their innate talent? Or their amazing imagination? It's probably both... plus the added fascination of seeing how they turn out as they grow up.
Ft. an angel, a dedicated teacher, and a nun who attends political rallies.
By now, we're all ready for the looooong weekend ahead. And just in case you're still looking for something new to binge-watch during the Holy Week break, here are six inspiring Filipino movies you can stream on
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on February 22, 2016! Rula1 Former child actor Jiro Manio has returned to rehab, Sancho delas Alas confirmed to PEP. Jiro, who is under the care of Sancho's mother, actress Ai Ai delas Alas, is back in rehab not because of drug