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Yup, she played a mom in 'Sky Castle!'
Korean actress Yoon Se Ah has starred in 26 K-dramas (and nine Korean movies) to date, which only means that you've seen her in one of your favorites. The 44-year-old is not only known for her versatility
Soooo many Korean titles to choose from!
Hallyu fans, we are going to be well-fed with Korean content this year thanks to Netflix! The streaming giant just announced its 2022 Korean lineup and omo, the list is so long that we're already ~imagining~ how much sleep
Some of them never even made it to production.
Recently, Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo's latest K-drama Snowdrop faced backlash just right after its premiere episode. There was a petition to cancel the drama due to its alleged historical distortion and romanticization of the 1987
We have another webtoon-based drama to look forward to!
Netflix just confirmed the production of its upcoming Korean original series and you guys, the plot is promising! It's not every day we get to watch a K-drama that shows a dystopian future + puts delivery riders in the spotlight-
Kilig overload coming through!
Oppas move over-it's time for the younger guys to shine! If you're not new to K-drama, you probably know that one of the famous tropes in the rom-com genre is the noona romance. It's where
Two of them have pursued a career in K-pop!
News flash: It has been 13 years (!!) since Boys Over Flowers took the world by storm! The Korean spinoff of the popular Japanese manga series, Hana Yori Dango, had everyone singing ~almost paradiseeee~ when it aired on ABS-CBN, and it has
Rain can sing, dance, and act. Is there anything he can’t do?
With a career spanning more than 20 years, Hallyu superstar Rain (birth name: Jung Ji Hoon) proves there are no limits when it comes to reinventing yourself and pushing the boundaries of your own skills and talents. If you're new to
His fellow stars have been posting congratulatory posts and they're making us so emotional right now!
Netflix's Squid Game has been collecting trophies left and right and its most recent achievement has something to do with our ~number one~ gganbu! Oh Young Soo, aka Player 001 or Oh Il Nam, is the first Korean actor to
In K-dramas, we learn something *new* in every episode. Sometimes they are genius references to other Korean series, other times they're phrases used IRL! Because we love to dig deep when a K-drama becomes our favorite, here'
After the global success of Squid Game, expectations for K-drama originals on Netflix to do just as well are at an all-time high. The next promising contender on the streamer's list: The zombie thriller All Of Us Are Dead.
Welcome *back,* Rain!
Hallyu superstar and everyone's OG oppa Rain is *finally* making his small-screen comeback! The last time we've seen him in a K-drama was in 2019, and we're so happy that he'll be
Pursuing his dream was never easy.
Jung Hae In is undeniably one of the biggest stars today and he has led some of our favorite K-dramas and films. But before he made it big in the industry, the 33-year-old had to endure a lot as
Be still, our #HaeSoo hearts-Jung Hae In's latest IG post had us screaming, shouting, shaking, crying, sobbing, and punching the wall because of kilig!The actor recently took to Instagram where he uploaded a photo of a paper plane
Two of them have already worked together in a movie!
We're halfway through Our Beloved Summer and we've spotted a looooot of familiar faces! If you're an avid K-drama fan, we're pretty sure you also went "OMG, 'di ba nasa *insert K-
Before she became an actress, her dream job was to be a police officer.
Once dubbed as the "nation's little sister," Park Shin Hye is undoubtedly one of South Korea's most loved actresses. But it's not just her natural beauty that's captivated fans all over the world; she's also applauded for
If you haven’t watched it yet, do it now!
When Discovery Of Love was released in 2014, my close friend and K-drama buddy kept telling me that I should watch this series while pouring out her feelings. I made a mental note to put this K-drama in my watch
Her dream was to become a rockstar!
Yoo In Na never seems to age. I saw her for the first time in the 2011 flick, My Black Mini Dress. Comparing her looks then with her looks in her latest drama, The Spies Who Loved Me, it's as if
And other fun facts about the first Korean series *set* on the moon.
Do you ever find yourself looking up at the night sky and having a million questions run through your mind about what the moon must be like? History tells you that humans have been up there, but for the most part, the
Award-winning figure skater Kim Yuna is his ideal type!
Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon is proof that K-pop idols can successfully cross over into K-dramaland and become serious actors. Fans were thrilled to see his name on the list of actors headlining Netflix's upcoming sci-fi thriller The