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Debuting only in 2020, Aespa continues to soar as 2021 comes to a close.
I must admit, the first time I heard about Aespa during SMTOWN's "Culture Humanity" free concert on New Year's Day 2021, I thought they were a scooter brand. But then they started performing their debut single, "Black Mamba,"
Discover new songs that will give you major LSS!
It's time for a K-pop playlist update! November is one packed month of awesome Korean song releases: Aside from the comebacks of our favorite K-pop boy groups and girl groups, let's check out the songs released by Korean
Prepare to create more Moments of Alwaysness!
One reason why we listen to music-may it be K-pop or any other genre-is for us to relieve stress and get our much-needed dose of comfort. The music industry is full of talented personalities but it's always
We're obsessed!
As any K-pop fan knows, official merch can be very expensive, especially if you order it from other countries. If you want to score items dedicated to your favorite idols and groups without breaking the bank, we recommend buying fan-made
You'll *put this first* in your wishlist!
Confession time: I took a ~break~ from being an ARMY for almost a year and focused on K-dramas. But I guess-like what our fandom would often say-once you Jimin, you can't Jim-out. Now that I'
Which one are you eyeing to buy?
Time flies really fast, right? It's that time of the year again where everyone's looking forward to the holidays. Malls have started playing Christmas carols and families have started putting up their Christmas trees and lights. Even though we're
As a longtime Hallyu fan, Pauline only went deep into K-pop in the pandemic!
University student Pauline got caught up in Hallyu in the early 2010s because of Korean dramas. Back then, she'd also casually listen to the popular K-pop groups at that time, like second gen greats SHINee, Girls' Generation, and
She happily and candidly shares with her viewers!
K-pop idols are known for always looking picture perfect. Even when they're singing and performing high-intensity choreographies under the heat of numerous stage lights, they never seem to break a sweat. Girl group idols specifically never fail to look
They’re perfect for love letters, captions, and even wedding vows.
As ARMY will tell you, BTS has an excellent list of songs for loving yourself. They also have beautiful songs about friendships. But this charming group of idols has also captured hearts everywhere with lyrics that just sweep you off your feet.
'Without our fans, D&E would not exist.'
SUPER JUNIOR fans, can you believe that DONGHAE and EUNHYUK will be celebrating their 10th anniversary as a group on December 16, 2021? Since the sub-unit wasn't originally planned for, the aptly-titled album COUNTDOWN has a special meaning: "
'Til the next fan event, Peniel!
Have you ever imagined yourself having a one on one talk with your ultimate bias? A few years ago, talking to BTOB's Peniel seems like a farfetched dream for me until it came true one day-and it's
From shirts, bucket hats, planners, bags, and more!
Hi there! As any K-pop fan knows, the official merch of any group is expected to be on the pricier side, especially if you take into consideration the international shipping fees. If you want to score some cool stuff ~*inspired*~ by
They're called 'Monster Rookies'—and rightfully so!
They may be newcomers to the K-pop world, but ENHYPEN is already proving themselves a force to be reckoned with. This piping-hot boy band has seven members: Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jay, Sunoo, Jake, and Ni-ki. They debuted on November
Dedicate these tracks to your chingus!
Hello, ARMY! Quick question: What made you fall in love with BTS? For me, it was their song "Run" that had me lining up at 6 a.m. just to score tickets to their concert. I have always admired the group for
Find out which NCT Members you share an MBTI Personality Type with!
Analyzing personality types is something Koreans use as a loose blueprint to understand or gauge their compatibility level with another person. It's something that also applies to the general K-pop fandom since it's a way for us
Get to know this talented group!
If you haven't checked out VERIVERY yet, this is THE sign you've been waiting for! Hailed as the most-synchronized fourth-generation K-pop boy group, VERIVERY debuted on January 9, 2019, with seven members namely Lee Dongheon, Bae Hoyoung,
You’ll absolutely ~lose it~ once you listen to these b-sides!
ICYMI, K-pop idol group Super Junior D&E is celebrating their 10th(!) debut anniversary on December 16, 2021! Industry veterans Donghae and Eunhyuk have released countless songs together throughout the course of their careers. In the weeks leading up to the
Inch one step closer to your bias by checking out these official deets!
The MBTI or Myers-BriggsType Indicator has become a hot topic for Koreans in recent years. ICYDK, MBTI is an assessment that analyzes one's personality and classifies it into one of four key groups: Extroverts (E) vs Introverts (I), Sensors (
Plus more deets about why she loves NCT and SuperM!
Lexi, 29, is a proud stan of SM Entertainment boy groups NCT and SuperM. "I first got introduced to NCT back in 2019 by a couple of friends," she tells Cosmopolitan. "We watched the 'Superhuman' music video. And then only
Can we get an 'Oppa, Oppa' please?
With a career spanning nearly 17 years and having won countless awards, Super Junior truly deserves their moniker, "Kings of the Hallyu Wave." Thanks to the continued support of their loyal fan club "Ever Lasting Friends," aka E.L.F.s, the