Send this to your barkada GC, stat!
AHH, your annual barkada reunion-the perfect time to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while. Events like this are so much fun but honestly, they are such a pain to plan-especially if you have a big
This is where baby Harry lived with his parents, Lily and James Potter.
Calling all Muggles-you can now live your wildest wizarding dreams in Harry Potter's childhood home in Suffolk, England. The home featured in the movie series is available to rent on Airbnb for $142 or a little more than P7,000
It's the first of its kind in the Philippines!
Ever wanted a break from your hectic life? Picture this: You escape from the city, you go on an adventure, you lay down under the stars and appreciate what the earth has to offer, unbothered and undisturbed. It doesn't mater if
If you play your cards right, your P100,000 can go a long way!
Reality check: these days, P100,000 isn't a lot of money. With rising prices of basic goods and services compounded by heavy taxes-not to mention all the other necessities you have to pay for in order to run a
Well it is a treehouse, people.
Airbnb has opened up a world of accommodation possibilities all over the globe. From staying in houses shaped like shells and dogs to renting homes chiseled into caves or stranded on the seas, you can now live your best, most unusual life
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