From Moira Dela Torre to Ben&Ben!
2018 was a great year for Philippine cinema and an even better one for OPM artists. With more people watching local films (and not just during MMFF season), the songs tied to these films get recognition as well-AS THEY SHOULD.Here,
Aside from our fave rom-coms, she's also worked on a mockumentary and a satirical comedy!
Antoinette Jadaone, one of the most sought-after female directors of this generation, has been writing, directing, and making movies since 2011! This year, she's actually working on a new film with Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil called Alone/Together,
Yesterday, January 9, Angelica Panganiban responded to a basher who accused her of not being genuine when talking about Carlo Aquino, and who even told her to "grow up" and to "act her age," especially when it comes to social media (pretty
Angelica responds to a negative comment on Instagram with a self-imposed ban on Carlo mentions.
Angelica Panganiban poured out her emotions in her Instagram account earlier today. Her first post about it was captioned, "Don't love yourself. Never. Okay na po? @bashangggg11"She then followed up with another post replying to the comment of a certain @
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on January 2, 2019!
This time of the year is full of reflection for everyone, including Maine Mendoza. She took to Instagram to look back at "one of the best, most memorable years" of her life. Maine wrote, "I am just so so glad to have
From stripes to chunky sneaks.
2018 was a rollercoaster of a year, and we all deserve a pat on our back for making it this far! To get you feeling a little bit ~nostalgic~, here's a quick look back on the fashion trends celebs couldn&#
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