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Straight from the grid of the ~kween~ of aesthetic.
We've already established that Ashley Garcia nails everything in the ~aesthetic~ department, from her fashion sense, IG grid, to even the way she edits her YouTube videos! Another thing we noticed is that aside from her making her feed look
We can't wait for the final reveal of her condo!
If you check our YouTube watch histories, you'll find that we consume a lot of ~space makeover~ content. One of the redecorating series we're tuned into is Ashley Garcia's, who is currently revamping her condo. So
*Takes down notes.*
One of the space makeovers we're keeping tabs is that of Ashley Garcia, who's currently in the process of redecorating her condo. ICYDK, she's going for a neotenic design, which is minimalism's ~softer~ side.
We can't wait to see the ~end~ result!
When it comes to aesthetics, someone we look up to is YouTuber Ashley Garcia-we just love everything about her style! So when we found out that her next personal project was to redesign her condo, we knew we had to tune
She's the kween of mixing and matching!
In case you haven't noticed, 2020's biggest style craze is actually a *throwback* to the '00s. We've seen a boom in the trend of recreating the aesthetic of the early aughts, with people wearing a