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It's a good investment!
It's been a little over a year since the pandemic hit and most of us had to transition to a work from home setup. Like me, I'm sure you've gone through the stages of redecorating your
Steal her style!
When I think of chunky shoes, an image of Ashley Garcia automatically comes to mind. I l always see her wearing platform shoes and lug sole boots, which she pairs with her preppy, Y2K, or academia outfits. She's the definitely
ICYDK, the 22-year-old content creator just moved into a new condo!
Everyone's bestie Ashley Garcia has moved into a new (and bigger) condo, and you know what that means: The space makeover series continues! If you can recall, the 22-year-old content creator started doing this last year but decided
Finally, it's getting colder again!
Now that the weather is starting to cool down, it's time to practice the art of layering. You can finally put on pieces that will keep you warm during the rainy season! One particular item you should be obsessed with
So good!
Hello there! When you're running low on outfit ideas, here are some places where you can gather some OOTD inspo: Pinterest, fashion websites, and... local influencers! Their feeds are chock-full of cute outfit ideas that you can definitely recreate,
Welcome to the first episode of Cosmo Beauty Chatter!
If you're looking for a new beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber to subscribe to, I found the *perfect* girl for you. Introducing: Ashley Garcia! The 22-year-old is known for her aesthetic outfits, cute IG poses, and condo makeover +
They're pretty easy to DIY, too!
You're cute, and you've got the poses to help you ace that selfie. The element you may be missing? The perfect hairstyle! Your hair is everything as it completes your look. You'll become more photogenic when
She stressed the importance of saving up for your rent in advance.
For many of us, one of the defining moments of our 20s is when we finally move out of our parents' house and get our own space. While the thought of not living by anyone's rules but your own
I'm always game for any outfit that doesn't require so much thought into it, especially on tamad days. And lately, I've been noticing that a micro-trend that supports this style philosophy is slowly taking over
Y2K fashion kween!
ICYDK, cardigans are trendy again! They used to get a bad rap for looking very dated due to their embroidered floral designs and appliqués, but thankfully, they have been given a much-needed 2021 update. You can now find cardigans in
Ang galing!
When it comes to #aesthetic outfit ideas, one of the people we always turn to is content creator and YouTuber Ashley Garcia. We love watching her videos because she always recommends trendy yet affordable pieces that won't break the bank.
She's a self-confessed shy girl with a penchant for budget-friendly fashion!
YouTube has given us some of our go-to content creators throughout the years, one of which is 22-year-old fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Ashley Garcia. With her pastel-tinged Instagram feed and her almost four hundred thousand-strong YouTube following,
Time to add to cart and check out!
Sound the alarms: Our favorite Gen Z bb Ashley Garcia just uploaded a new YouTube video a few days ago! As soon as we saw the words "bag haul" in the title, we knew we had to watch it. In there, Ashley
Simply effortless.
Nothing beats the comfy feeling of wearing an oversized t-shirt. You can move freely, plus it's so easy to pair with anything. One thing that would make you iffy about putting on a big tee is that it has
We want those organizers!
ICYDK, Ashley Garcia is right in the middle of her condo makeover series, and she recently uploaded a video that shows how she organized her makeup collection. According to Ashley, since she lives in a small unit and she owns a lot
Straight from the grid of the ~kween~ of aesthetic.
We've already established that Ashley Garcia nails everything in the ~aesthetic~ department, from her fashion sense, IG grid, to even the way she edits her YouTube videos! Another thing we noticed is that aside from her making her feed look
We can't wait for the final reveal of her condo!
If you check our YouTube watch histories, you'll find that we consume a lot of ~space makeover~ content. One of the redecorating series we're tuned into is Ashley Garcia's, who is currently revamping her condo. So
*Takes down notes.*
One of the space makeovers we're keeping tabs is that of Ashley Garcia, who's currently in the process of redecorating her condo. ICYDK, she's going for a neotenic design, which is minimalism's ~softer~ side.
We can't wait to see the ~end~ result!
When it comes to aesthetics, someone we look up to is YouTuber Ashley Garcia-we just love everything about her style! So when we found out that her next personal project was to redesign her condo, we knew we had to tune
She's the kween of mixing and matching!
In case you haven't noticed, 2020's biggest style craze is actually a *throwback* to the '00s. We've seen a boom in the trend of recreating the aesthetic of the early aughts, with people wearing a