'Sobrang saya namin ni DJ ngayon.'
Kathryn Bernardo quashed rumors that she and boyfriend Daniel Padilla have broken up. "Wala, wala kaming problema. Super okay kami. Ewan ko kung saan nanggaling yun," Kathryn said during a Facebook Live Q&A session for one of her endorsements on Sunday
Step one: Realize that, yes, this will hurt.
While most breakups are at least a little bit unpleasant, severing romantic ties with someone you love, be it in a best-friend way or a passionate I'm-infatuated-with-you-but-also-unhappy-in-this-relationship-like-70-percent-
Did he tear up? Find out.
Catriona Gray has had an extremely busy week because of her homecoming festivities here in the Philippines. She's had to shuffle from courtesy calls to interviews, from parades to concerts. In truth though, her schedule has pretty much been as packed
(And absolutely what NOT to do.)
For something as frequent and, frankly, as normal as breaking up is, there's a lot of bad advice out there on how to get through the experience. Sure, movies involving hilariously sloppy nights out with besties or cathartic revenge plots
She's reportedly staying focused.
While virtually the entire internet is rooting for Lady Gaga to become a thing with Bradley Cooper despite his being in a relationship, the Oscar winner is actually fresh off a breakup. Remember Christian Carino? Her fiancé up until a week ago?
Decode the dude.
Recently, there's been buzz going around that the Kathniel love team has hit a rough patch. Following solo appearances during events, follow-unfollow drama, Daniel Padilla's February escape, and evasive answers from both sides, many have been speculating that the
These kisses are cringe-y!
You might have forgot already since the whole Kardashian family is in major-meltdown mode, but Lady Gaga and talent agent Christian Carino just called off their engagement and broke up. Like, it is not a great week in the world of
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