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It's easy to get freaked out if you come across a lump during your regular boob check. But most lumps (in particular those found by young women, as 80 percent of breast cancer diagnoses occur in women over 50) are
It only needs to be worn for an hour a week to spot the symptoms.
An 18-year-old boy from Mexico has wowed scientists with his recent invention: A bra which claims to be able to detect breast cancer symptoms. Student Julian Rios Cantu won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) for
Yes, that lone hair is normal, and no, they're not too big.
People are so weird about nipples. They're usually either buried beneath layers of clothing (bras, ugh) or covered up with emojis on Instagram, because in the year 2016, we have yet to #freethenipple from its boobie prison. spoke
Thank you, science!
Dr. Sungwon Lee and Takao Someyo of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Engineering have constructed a new kind of pressure sensor. It's so thin and flexible that it can be made into a glove.Someya LaboratoryWhat's special
Your breasts can be a barometer for wellness. So you should know how to read them.
Your breasts can communicate a lot about what's going on inside your body. Use these signs to learn what your breasts are telling you-and see your medical care provider if you suspect something is up.(A quick note for hypochondriacs
A study shows that your bra size is influenced by your coffee habits.
Question #1: Do you love coffee?Question #2: Are you flat-chested? (Or less-endowed compared to your bustier friends?)If you said yes to both questions above, you may want to consider giving up number 1 for the sake of number
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so do your part and find out everything you can about this disease. We help you by sharing a few more facts that could save your life.
We shared with you ten facts you should know about breast cancer in our Breast Cancer Awareness feature, but we feel you need to know these additional vital info:1. It rarely strikes in your 20s.Less than five percent of all
We're all at risk of this disease, but early detection could save your life. If you notice any of these signs, bring them to your gyne's attention ASAP.
1. A lump in one breast.A mass that is smooth and moveable under the skin is likely to be a fluid-filled cyst. If it feels solid, it's probably a fibroadenoma, a benign growth. However, either could also be a
Do your twins feel sore? Find out if it's something serious and what you should do about it.
Don't be afraid if you experience any of these symptoms.<br />
Don't fear the worst when one of these symptoms appears, but do pay attention.You detect a lump. Good news: Breast cancer is rare in young women. A more likely diagnosis is a fibroadenoma-a growth that feels solid and smooth.