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Serving arguably the best comfort food in the city.
Whenever the Cosmo team talks about grilled cheese sandwiches-it happens more often than you think-Borough always comes up because they know how to serve it correctly: with tomato soup. So when we found out that the one in Podium closed
Have your eggs poached instead of fried!
If brunch is your thing but you're trying to stay on the health wagon, it's not all bad news. By making some easy changes to your choices, you can do both.Yes, oats are packed with great stuff, but the
The Eggs Benedict at IHOP has 1,020 calories per serving.
Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten during the late morning to early afternoon, originated in 19th century England, where the upper-class British "gathered for decadent early lunches, complete with a multitude of meats, egg dishes, and plenty of adult
Happy Easter, Cosmo girls!
1. Easy Eggs BenedictGet full recipe here!2. Baked EggsGet full recipe here!3. Turmeric Deviled EggsGet full recipe here!4. Baked Spanish Sardines And EggsGet full recipe here!5. Tapa BenedictGet full recipe here!
We leafed through Summit Books' bestselling restaurant guidebook, <i>Eat Out Now! 115 Manila Restaurants We Love</i> for daytime date picks.
You adore your boyfriend to bits, but your date nights have become about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Here's a totally simple suggestion that just might do the trick of shaking up your ho-hum relationship routine: why