Her baby was already crowning en route to the hospital.
We've all joked about how awful it is to be caught in Metro Manila traffic when you need to pee badly. But being stuck in traffic when you have a medical emergency sounds like a nightmare - or an unforgettable story
A new study explains why family numbers are decreasing.
The number of people having babies has dropped to a record low in 2018, and the reason is clear-children are expensive.Tech and media company Morning Consult conducted a survey in the USA on behalf of The New York Times, asking
It was like a migraine on steroids had a threesome with car accident whiplash and the flu.
My daughter was just a week old as she lay in her bright blue plastic bathtub, screaming. I watched as my husband held her squirming, skinny body, my in-laws gently dumping warm water on her writhing legs. "Can you see this?"
He wrote about the pressure for new moms and the expectation that comes with breastfeeding.
Postpartum depression is a real, and often neglected, condition that many dismiss as baby blues. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of eight women suffer PPD. Symptoms include anger, withdrawal, lack of connection to
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 23, 2016!
1 Neri Naig and Chito Miranda are now new parents to their first child, Alfonso! Proud daddy Chito shared the first pic of his son on IG with the caption "Wassup world." Congrats, Chito and Neri! (PEP.ph)2 Jodi Sta. Maria
Some women are calling this a 'fertility time machine.'
In 2009, twin sisters Sarah and Joanne Gardner were 34 years old, single, and not yet ready to have children. In their quest to put their biological clocks on hold, they traveled from their hometown in Australia to the Infertility Center of
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