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Forget the psychic and the Magic-8 Ball. Simply using these clear-headed strategies can ensure that you do the right thing.
1. Go With Your Gut InstinctsA study found that when making simple choices (like what to eat for lunch), it pays to be rational. But, when it comes to bigger ones (like which job to take), you're better off listening to
There's no reason to put off achieving your goals and making big (or small) decisions until you're in a relationship. You don't need a man to do these.
1. Buy a home. If you can afford one, first-time buyers can take advantage of great incentives now.2. Find your A-spot. It's located above the G-spot, and some women report having orgasms when it's touched. It'
Intimidated by all the opportunities ahead? Here are ways to make informed and regret-free choices.
With so many choices facing you each day, trying to make up your mind can leave you gnawing at your nail beds. And, ironically, it can also paralyze your decision-making ability."You'd think having options would be a good thing,
Need to make a life-changing move before the year ends? Consider these Cosmo tips before you take the plunge.
Options are good, but not when there’s too many of them. Learn how to narrow your choices to a manageable degree.