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Based on Pantone's 2017 trend report!
No doubt you'll be relaxing on a beach somewhere in the weeks to come-and scoring a tan while you're at it! And once you've reached your ideal bronzed look, don't forget to make it pop. We looked
Time to go shopping!
1. Rose Quartz How dreamy is this color? It's delicate and elegant, perfect for pulling together any outfit.2. Serenity Serenity is a tranquil hue that would look so pretty on weightless tops and flowing skirts.3. Buttercup A cheerful, free-
...their iconic Superstar shoe!
Oh, so you really like wearing sneakers, huh?Well, Adidas just teamed up with singer Pharrell Williams to give the Superstar a color upgrade-50 new colors to be exact. The trainers, which were released in 1969, became a favorite among basketball
This is cool, you guys.
What if we told you that you can get a manicure AND protect yourself from date rape? Sounds odd, right?But a couple of male undergraduate students from North Carolina State University created nail polish called Undercover Colors-which changes color in