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Put down that contour brush.
We asked MAC Affiliate Artist Anthea Bueno to give us tips on how to enhance a round face shape. Watch the video for exclusive insider techniques she used in the August 2015 beauty editorial, "Show It Off."Want more #flawless tips from
Play up your delicious caramel color!
We asked NARS Makeup Stylist Archibald Tolentino to give us tips on how to enhance our morena features. Watch the video for exclusive insider techniques he used in the August 2015 beauty editorial, "Show It Off."Want more #flawless tips from the
Using YOUR hair iron!
Because the last thing we want is for our boyfriends to leave the house looking all sloppy.Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:4 Hacks To Make Your Shoes Super Awesome!How To Pinroll Your Jeans
It's super easy, I swear.
Since sneakers are a HUGE deal nowadays, there's no better way to show them off than by pinrolling your jeans!All you need are a pair of awesome kicks and straight cut pants (no skinny jeans please!) and watch the video
Take a dip in the pool with our October 2013 Hunk of the Month, Jeremy Blake.
This hottie has got some major swag. Watch as he tries to seduce us with his smooth moves.
The couple dishes out on what they love most about each other. Plus, "BeaJoe" give advice on how <i>you<i/> can make your own relationship stronger.
Our third batch of sizzling studs lets you in on their athletic and artistic pursuits, their <i>pa</i>-cute moves, and the dream date that would set off fireworks in their hearts.
It's's 3rd anniv and we're counting down your favorite picks from CosmoTV. See which videos made the list!
We know our Cosmo readers enjoy spying on stars and seeing how they really act beyond the divine damsels and dashing heroes they play on the big and small screens, so to satisfy your fandom, we always make it a point to
Watch our video footage and interview with Ford Supermodel of the World 2011 Danica Magpantay, who models the classy trends seen in our May 2012 issue.
From gorgeous cover girls to hunky Centerfolds, we present to you the most popular exclusive vids on CosmoTV!
There's so much that goes on behind the scenes of that it's almost impossible to keep track of all the exciting events. We try our best to document all the key happenings, from photo shoots to parties, to
You've read her winning entry. Now get to know Amie a little more by watching this clip.
Asian actresses<strong> Emily Kaiho and Tara Macken</strong> share beauty secrets and fashion tips in this CosmoTV interview.
Watch the Grammy-nominated pianist talk about music, romance and working with Pinoy talents.
Listen in as the <em>PBB Teen </em>alum chats with Cosmo, and take a look at his fiery shoot!
Aljur spills about his <em>ligaw</em> style and busts some mean boxing moves in this CosmoTV exclusive!