Take some travel inspo from your favorite local celebs!
Who says you need Valentine's Day (or any special occasion, really) to go on an adventure with your significant other? The next time you plan a trip, take your cues from your favorite jetsetting celebrities. These places are sooo IG-
Our tarot reader reveals all...
Where you rest your head at night is one of THE most important choices you'll make in life. What do your stars have to say about it?Reason 1. 'If you can make it therrrree...' (This sentiment appeals
'Cause it's SO mainit.
The sweltering summer heat in the Philippines has been beyond bearable if you aren't chilling by the beach. No, no. For everyone stuck in the city this break, the only thing to cool us down is by holing up in air-
Understandable, lah.
The Economist recently released a list of expensive countries to live in, and to no one's surprise, Singapore topped the list for the fourth consecutive year. This finding is based on a survey comparing the prices of 160 goods and services
V-Day haters, you're not alone.
For people who look forward to Valentine's Day, it may be hard to believe that there are countries where the celebration is banned or seen as something nasty by certain groups. Pakistan: V-Day is immoralAgence France-Presse (AFP) reports that
The Philippines, included!
If you thought the life of a celebrity was all glamorous parties and fun nights out, you'd be half right-until it gets to the countries that they're actually banned from. In which case? It's immigration control and airport
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