A whole new world...
Just when we thought cruise ships were completely decked out with all the latest entertainment offerings-think cinema rooms, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and, of course, super posh restaurants-we hear of a floating restaurant we never knew we wanted to visit.
Ditch your desk job for this ~*dreamy*~ intern-ship!
If you're attached to you smartphone, obsessed with Instagram, and addicted to travel, we have amazing news for you!Cruise line Royal Caribbean UK and Ireland is looking for an #ExtraordinaryExplorer to travel with them for three whole weeks this summer-
It's not all smooth sailing behind the scenes.
When you board a cruise ship, you're instantly greeted by the smiling faces of employees from different countries across the globe. From restaurant waiters to performers, their job is to make your vacation as fun as possible. Of course, it's
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