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Celebs like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have been using her filters!
Many artists make art for personal reasons. Art is a way of telling the world who you are, and it's also a way to interpret how you see the world through your own eyes. What matters is that you'
I would love an app that DIDN’T make me feel terrible, thanks.
t wasn't the first time I didn't understand something on TikTok. But it was the first time I had literally no idea what was happening in the videos. Maybe it was because the reaction I saw in each clip (gasps,
No Polaroid cam, no problem!
I've always preferred the vintage effect on my Instagram photos. Maybe because I like the grainy imperfect appeal of it or it could be because I feel nostalgic to see photos that remind me of my life as a '
The best part? You can use them for free!
Gone are the days when you have to scour the app store in search for the perfect app that does it all: One that crops, edits your photos and videos, and collages your visuals-all in Instagram Story-friendly size. Instagram itself
Give your feed a retro makeover.
Analog film photography took a back seat when mobile phone cameras were introduced. Instagram became flooded with professional-looking IG-worthy pics-those that look perfect. But now, ~everyone~ is realizing that the vintage charm will never be out of style. The
This feels like a step in the right direction.
Sure, filters are fun to play around with, but what happens when the augmented reality (AR) crosses a line and becomes disturbing? Well, last week, Spark AR, the company responsible for many of Instagram's face filters, announced it would be
Ft. Drew Arellano, Yassi Pressman, Nico Bolzico, and more!
Remember when everyone went crazy over those gender-swap filters from Snapchat? Or those filters that made everyone look like a cute baby? Well, there's a new viral filter in town and it transforms people into the *senior citizen* versions
So cute!
Celebs love a good Snapchat filter-remember all the gender swap filter photos last month?-and now Mari Jasmine is sharing her baby filter photos. Her bb version looks so much like Scarlet Snow Belo! The host and blogger posted their photos
He looks ~beautiful~.
James Reid celebrated his 26th birthday this month in El Nido, Palawan with Nadine Lustre and their squad! They partied, went snorkeling, buried James in some sand, and took the most IG-worthy photos. Well, they're back in the city
This is WAY BETTER than swatching.
Yesterday, soon-to-be 21-year-old cosmetics business mogul and overall business badass Kylie Jenner made it easier for customers to test out her products with the launch of new Instagram face filters. The feature allows users to simulate what certain
Which one do *you* use the most?
Instagram released its 2017 Year in Review list and found the five most commonly used filters:Which one is your personal favorite? ;)Source: InstagramFollow Ysa on Instagram.
Tired of Gudak? Try any of these 5 alternatives!
With the resurgence of retro fashion, a lot of things reminiscent of the yesteryears are also resurfacing. Apart from wearing tracksuits and playing vinyl records, you might have noticed how social media's been bringing back analog photography. And since looking
Of course, researchers acknowledge that some people really just don't like colors, and some photos really just look better in black and white.
Researchers from Harvard University and The University of Vermont discovered a link between the use of certain Instagram filters and depression. They studied 166 individuals and found a strong enough connection that those suffering quietly could get help much sooner. Each participant
33 different filters!
A new editing app called Prisma is taking filters to a whole new level! It was only launched last month and it's already been downloaded 1.6 million times.What sets Prisma apart from other photo-modifying services is its ability
Filtered photos increase audience engagement, a study says.
Today you took a really good selfie, a scenic shot, or an #OOTD. That's great! Now which Instagram filter should you use? Should you even use one? #nofilter is a thing after all.Researchers of Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech found
For all your #OOTDs, #selfies, and #nomakeup shots, these filters will do wonders for your photos without Photoshop!
Think you've got Instagram all figured out? Think again! Choosing the right filter means everything, especially if you want a picture-perfect post. A filter's hue, color, and intensity affect how your skin looks and how dark your undereye circles