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An alternative to skinny silhouettes!
INSTAGRAM: (YASSI) yassipressman, (LIZA, JANELLA) perrytaboraWhen it's boiling hot outside, the thought of wearing clothes that stick and cling to the skin can make anyone break into a sweat. Seriously, skinny jeans? In this weather? The worst. Your summer-ready alternative?
Are skinny jeans really dead?
Forget skintight pants everyone, because the '70s are back. Which means, the flared jean is your go-to denim style this S/S 2015!According to Mary Bruno, Head of Design of J Brand, "The one style you must go out and
They might be back in fashion, but they are still horrible.
1. You want to look taller, not shorter.There is nothing elongating about flared jeans. That's why people are fond of saying that you need to be tall and thin in order to wear them, which is never the mark of