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Ugh, it's that time of the year again? If you're not a fan of this "holiday," watch these movies instead!
It's that time of the year again. You know what we're talking about: Valentine's Day. The "holiday" designed to make single people feel inferior. And to make matters worse, it falls on a Friday this year! Can you just
Are you afraid of dolls, clowns, or the dark? Let these Halloween-perfect flicks scare you out of your wits!
To give you a good scare this Halloween, we've rounded up horror movies that zero in on common phobias people have, or worse, develop new ones in them. Unnerved by dolls? Say hello to Chucky. Creeped out by clowns? Wait 'til
Watch trailers of must-see summer blockbusters this May!
Summer isn't just about beaches and vacations. It also means blockbuster movies filled with big-name stars, and even bigger budgets! So if you can't beat the heat with a trip to the local seaside, then grab a jacket and
Zombies, psychos, and Abraham Lincoln? Find out what else is in store for you this month!
As February rolls in, many are anticipating (or dreading) the mushiness that Valentine's brings. Everyone loves a happy ending, but we have to admit, the predictable clich├ęs can get a little dull. Need a break from the sappiness? Drop by
Pad your wallets, Cosmo babes! It's a great month to head to the cinemas.
Nothing entertains us more than watching teasers and trailers of 2013's upcoming movies (Checking out our Cosmo Bachelors is a different story!). This month, Hollywood will not disappoint by releasing two of the year's most-awaited films-hit musical Les
Be prepared for a whirlwind of fun, action-packed, and comedic films that are all opening this month! Find out which ones you should plot in your sched ASAP.
With the rainy season now upon us, it's time to think of new ways to have fun indoors with your friends and family. Since college Cosmo chicks are heading back to school, it's the perfect time to plan after-hours
How did you welcome 2012? If you're still in the mood for some New Year celebrations and nostalgia, plan a <i>barkada</i> movie marathon this weekend. Be sure to have these flicks on hand.
If you're determined to make 2012 your year or just want a feel-good fix to tide you over post-holiday season, we've lined up ten New Year-themed movies that are worth watching on the first week
Get ready for screams and sci-fi adventures (plus, Hollywood HUNKS)--check out the films lined up for you this month.
October has arrived, and besides marking the start of a new fashion season, it also brings the anticipation of another celebration: Halloween!This month, be ready for some bone-chilling movie nights, with horror flicks featuring supernatural forces, mysterious creatures, and extraterrestrial