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It took years before they found the right balance.
ICYMI, Francine Diaz recently uploaded the first episode of a new series on her channel called Gandang Gabi Ghorl (GGG) where she ~grills~ her guests by asking them various questions. Her first guest is Jake Ejercito, and the two of them had
Here's why it's the celebs' go-to destination right now.
We've always admired Francine Diaz's easy and laidback style that's evident in her Instagram OOTDs. A quick scroll through the young actress' IG shows that her wardrobe is brimming with must-have pieces like floral
We stan a hardworking queen!
Young actress Francine Diaz recently sat down with Dr. Vicki Belo to talk about her life before rising to fame.In a Youtube vlog uploaded on August 26, the 17-year-old actress recalled her family's past hardships."Wala kaming
How much do you know about this rising star?
One of the most anticipated stars of today's generation is Francine Diaz. Known for her role in the internet-famous teleserye Kadenang Ginto, Francine has since established her name as one of the industry's promising talents. But outside
Francine Diaz, the actress who currently stars in the four-part digital anthology series Click, Like, Share and the teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba, recently spoke up about her thoughts on body shaming.In an interview, Francine detailed her dream storyline that she&#
And the role of 'Good Boy' goes to...
We cannot believe Start-Up is about to end! The drama, which introduced us to Good Boy Kim Seon Ho, has become a certified Pinoy hit. Recently, content creator + K-drama fan AC Soriano aka AC's Life (who even dressed
Totally friendship goals!
The showbiz industry may seem pretty cutthroat and competitive, but it's not impossible to forge genuine bonds with fellow artistas, especially because they're the ones who can understand each other's struggles the most. Below, we list
Gandang natural!
When we're at home, it's automatic that we're on au naturel mode: Messy hair, pambahay clothes, and without makeup. Celebs? Well, they're just like us! While in quarantine, they're also letting their
Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedalin are so kulit!
Andrea Brillantes just gave an update on the construction of the home she's having built for her family. Together with her Kadenang Ginto co-stars Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin, dubbed "The Gold Squad", Andrea gave a tour
Are we seeing double?
Hello, Crash Landing On You fans. May we introduce to you a crazy theory we just thought about as we were scrolling on Instagram: Francine Diaz could be Seo Dan's (Seo Ji Hye) younger sister.As we all know, Dan
We love her smile!
Kadenang Ginto may be over, but our obsession with one of the leads, Francine Diaz, is still on. We love her vibe on Insta. She always looks happy in her photos, and her smile is simply contagious. If you want the same ~*
Cassie's going to have a new school—in Indonesia.
Yup, Indonesia has released their own version of Kadenang Ginto, and it's already airing as we speak! According to ABS-CBN, the Indonesian remake is called Putri Makhota, which translates to "Crown Princess." The trailer has introduced us to the
Ganda lang!
Being comfortable in front of a camera isn't an easy task. It feels awkward-like you're being watched by A LOT of people. The worst part is that this awkwardness shows in your photos, so you immediately appear
Here are all the funny Pinoy viral vids that brought the laughs this year.
Is it really your social media feed if you don't encounter at least one funny viral video or post? You might have saved or bookmarked them so you can return to them on a rainy day, but instead of scrolling
Ft. 'Doo Bidoo' and 'Hataw Na!'
ABS-CBN's 2019 Christmas Special aired this weekend, and this year's *hawtest* love teams performed an epic mashup of songs from classic Filipino movies! Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber opened the medley with "Waray Waray" from the 1954
These two are sooo cute!
Francine Diaz (15) and Kyle Echarri (16), also known as KyCine, are one of this generation's rising love teams! There's no doubt that there's a *spark* between them whenever they have scenes together in the teleserye
Have you seen the trailers for 'Wild Little Love' and 'Silly Red Shoes?'
Guys, Kadenang Ginto teens Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz, and Kyle Echarri are starring in two new rom-coms this month. And for the first time ever, they'll be appearing in ~separate~ projects. iWant has announced that they'
Remember: If the body of a character has not been seen inside a coffin, he or she could still be alive!
In ABS-CBN teleseryes, everything is possible. Plot twists could include the introduction of new characters, the transformation of the bida into a kontrabida, and even the comeback of characters who were believed to be dead in the story! Basically, if the
The second annual ABS-CBN Ball took place last night, September 14, 2019, at the Shangri-La at the Fort Hotel! The entertainment industry's biggest love teams and real-life couples definitely looked like ~royalty~ as they walked the red
The red carpet's going to ~glow~ even brighter this year!
It's no secret that we absolutely can't wait for this year's ABS-CBN Ball to take place, mainly because our inner selves who love chika want to see who's wearing who and who'