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Summer heat, whomstve?
I am one of those who believe in the power of iced coffee. My day should always start with a cold glass of caffeine with a splash of oat milk and a hint of vanilla. Otherwise, it's gonna be a
I gotchu, fam!
I've lived with oily skin all my life. I think I've done almost everything to manage the shine and zits. I've tried shine-controlling toners, spot treatments, anti-acne facials, and invasive procedures like lasers and
He's actually an award-winning actor!
Yup, 2021 is a huge year for Ruru Madrid 'cause he's slated to star in GMA-7's biggest action-adventure series, Lolong. Starring alongside new leading lady Shaira Diaz, Ruru has been undergoing physical training for months
It's the perfect way to commemorate your bond.
People have different ways of showing just how tight they are with each other. Some friends and couples show how close they are with each other by getting matching tattoos together. What else can be more fitting to commemorate your unbreakable bond
Aside from it dominating the charts when it drops, of course.
I'm gonna say it RTFN: 2021 is Olivia Rodrigo's MF year, and not a single soul can stop her. When she released her smash hit single-"Drivers License," duhhh-earlier this year, Olivia kinda turned into a teen
From bondings at school events, to having custom-tailored dresses, and more.
Not to sound all cheesy, but I think it's always great whenever we get to show people how much we love and care for them. I remember this one time, I was just randomly scrolling through my feed and came
Rabiya Mateo knows being a target of racist comments is painful.
Rabiya Mateo has reportedly apologized to Canada's Miss Universe bet Nova Stevens for being flooded with racist comments from Filipinos on social media. "I actually personally sent messages to Nova saying sorry. Because these hate speeches that we see online,
Perfect for fans of the franchise!
If you clicked on this article, chances are, you're a Star Wars fan or you love scented candles-or you're both! If you've been looking for more scented candles to add to your collection, you'
Don’t worry, I got an actual colorist to talk you through it.
Every six weeks, almost like clockwork, I look at my sad, grown-out roots in the mirror and ask myself the question every hairstylist fears: Should I give myself at-home highlights? But, like, how TF does one highlight their own hair
My tastebuds were *confused* but they're not mad at it, lol.
If you're a ~tambay ng TikTok~ like I am, you've probably encountered the famous spicy pickled garlic snack on your #foryoupage. It was first posted by @lalaleluu, and since then, thousands of people have tried her concoction, too-
All it takes is a little bit of ~patience~.
So... you suddenly decided to get bangs in a spur-of-the-moment decision. They were cute and you had good times with them and all that, but now you're just *over* them. Okay, here's the thing: What
'She has such a beautiful voice and I listen to her songs.'
Yesterday, May 6, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared a post from an Olivia Rodrigo fan account on Insta Stories and wrote, "Whuuuut. Hi @oliviarodrigo."The post happened to be a video of Olivia's Zoom interview with the Southeast Asian
She's winning the Internet!
So we've already pretty much established that Maris Racal is the queen of naming her house plants and of quality meme-able content online, but it looks like she's in the running for another Internet throne. The 23-
It's a very real thing, you guys.
Hello there! I'm sure I'm not the only one whose sleeping schedule has been messed up since the lockdown began last year. When the pandemic hit, our company enforced an indefinite WFH set-up, and while I'
Level up your IG game.
After staying in for so long, people have come up with many ways to make their IG posts more interesting. At-home OOTD pics called for dried flowers, mood lighting, and mirrors. Speaking of mirrors, if you're planning to invest
Meet the hottest item you'll wear this summer.
I am aware that we don't really go outside because it is so much safer to stay indoors whenever we can. This made me realize that maybe we should take advantage of those rare moments: Dress up to show up.
Time to set up your own home theater.
One thing I miss most about my life pre-pandemic is being able to freely go out and watch movies in the cinemas. I don't know about you guys, but watching new trailers and snacking on popcorn all while staying
She's truly a pro!
Posting *tasteful* thirst traps on the 'gram can be a struggle for a lot of people, but there are some who have mastered this art form. Need proof? Just check out Christine Samson's Instagram pics! The model, host, and
'Ide-deport niya raw ako 'pag hindi ko ginalingan!'
In the virtual press con for Sue Ramirez's new movie under Regal Entertainment, Mommy Issues, Sue's own mother Chit Dodd-who rarely says yes to interviews-talked about her daughter and shared her thoughts on Sue's
Grabe lang yung kilig!
Don't you just love receiving random acts of love from your S.O.? There needn't be any big occasion or milestone, but the fact that your loved one made you feel special on a regular day made it