It doesn't hurt to study up!
People always say, "use your words!" But all too often, the words we know don't always mean what we think they mean.This is especially true in a multilingual country like ours, where we often grow up speaking one language at
Is it 'ng' or 'nang?'
We came up with a quiz to test just how much you remember from Filipino class. Despite studying Filipino for years, a lot of us still get confused about basic rules when it comes to our national language. Is it ng or
Take this quiz to find out!
Psychologists at North Carolina State University asked college students to give impressions of a potential new colleague based only on an email message. The results: Those who read emails with grammatical errors and typos "perceived the writer to be less conscientious, intelligent,
Your guide to using common prepositions.
It's time for another English lesson, because we could always use a refresher. So what exactly are prepositions? These are words used to describe or define direction, time, location, and spatial relationships.Some common prepositions include: about, above, across, after, against,
'Advise' or 'advice?'
You're is the contraction (aka shorter version) of "you are." Your is a possessive word used to show ownership. The same goes for it's ("it is") and its, as well as they're ("they are") and their,
Let us blow your mind.
Hey, we're not trying to play the blame game. Learning a language is tough! And yes, even if you grew up speaking English, or any other language for that matter, you're technically still "learning" it (unless you know
Have the good habit of proofreading again and again!
Even the best among us make these errors or slip-ups, and that's completely fine as long as we correct them before anyone else catches them. Here's a rundown of the most common grammatical errors in English people
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