It hasn’t been this long since she was 15.
Good morning, we have an important Kylie Jenner update for you all. The youngest and richest member of America's First Reality Family just hit Instagram to reveal her *real* hair to fans, which is just above shoulder-length. Apparently, it'
'I'm still learning. It's an unending process.'
With major endorsements deals, lead roles on TV and film projects, and a smooth-sailing love life, it seems like nothing can stop Gabbi Garcia. But this 20-year-old is just like any other girl-she makes mistakes and has insecurities.
It's time for a change!
If you've been worrying about hair fall and can't seem to pinpoint what's potentially causing it, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Marqed Salon, Mark Anthony Rosales, may have an answer for you.According to Mark,
Keep your hair in tip-top shape.
ICYDK, hair care is not limited to just shampoo and conditioner. While these products are obviously essential to take care of your locks, they can only do so much. Shampoos and conditioners only take external care of your tresses, meaning they can
Meet the unsung hero of your hair care routine.
Haircare routines are something that isn't really given much thought, unlike skincare. Your normal ritual probably consists of shampoo, conditioner, and maybe a hair mask if you're feeling a little ~*fancy*~. However, you may not know it, but
It's time to #GoSolid!
In the search for products to help you go more natural with your beauty routine, you might have already stumbled upon the local brand Human Nature. They are known for their personal and home care products, such as the "cult beauty classic"
She went from having fake bangs for Halloween to getting the real thing!
After pulling off fake bangs for her Halloween costume, Saab Magalona has gotten a haircut for real. Her short new 'do with bangs is reminiscent of her look in her twenties aka her "The Incugirl" blog days.The musician said her husband
None of these will make you look boring.
When I think of layered hairstyles, I'm immediately taken back to the ultra choppy looks of the early 2000s. But layered hairstyles are making a major comeback, and these new styles won't make you look like the fourth member of
Now we want bangs, too!
Cosmo girls, we're here to present proof that bangs are the hottest hairstyle rn. We've already listed down all the celebs who are currently sporting the haircut, and we're adding another one to the list. Sarah Lahbati debuted
Thanks to Claudia, we're THISCLOSE to getting bangs.
If you're still not sure whether or not you want to get bangs, take a cue from Claudia Barretto. Her sheer fringe, which is K-beauty approved, is perfect for those who aren't exactly ready to make the
Cool, so our whole life has been a lie.
There are some things we know verbatim, like SPF protects your skin from the sun and retinol reduces wrinkles.Well, one of the oldest beauty mantras in the book: cutting your hair makes it grow faster, has, in fact turned out to
RIP, Tom Holland's locks, 1996 to 2019.
To those of you who clicked this article out of sheer curiosity and/or undying love for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, I just want to start off with a big fat apology. I am truly sorry, because the footage
They’ll keep your expensive dye job intact for longer.
Coloring your hair is a great way to express yourself and show off your personal style, but your everyday hair care routine could be messing up the color and health of your tresses. We all know that dyeing your hair damages it,
She looks AMAZING.
Sandara Park has proven again just how much of a style chameleon she is.In her latest Instagram photos, Sandara has noticeable blonde hair, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She's currently in France for Paris Fashion Week. She was also
Presenting the 90 winners!
Last year, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards officially went digital and now, we're back! From anti-hulas makeup products to the most nakaka-fresh perfumes, below is a list of the best beauty products of 2019 that should belong in your
Prepare to be equal parts confused and enlightened.
So here's a debate that's been going on for, oh, all of human history aka since the '30s: Are parabens bad for you or nah? To sum up: A 2004 study, the same one that sparked their
'I hope her hair f*cking falls out.'
Here's a sentence that's become way too familiar over the past few years: The Kardashian-Jenners are in hot water and being accused of cultural appropriation again. This time, Kendall Jenner is being dragged for wearing cornrows, and
She's not getting rid of her bangs anytime soon!
Heart Evangelista now has full bangs, you guys! The actress debuted her chic look yesterday via Instagram.Heart's full bangs go just right under her brows, so they're still long enough to be swept to the side. She
Bella's going back to her roots—literally!
ICYMI, Bella Hadid's hair is no longer her signature shade of vampy brunette. And no, she didn't dye her hair that shade so she could be the spitting image of '90s supermodel Carla Bruni. She did it
They're so g'damn pretty.
Yup, it's not even the end of the year and there's already another hair color trend taking over your Insta feed. The good news, though? This one is ridiculously pretty. So pretty, there's a good chance
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