Apparently, it took five rounds of bleaching just to get that shade of silver!
Itaewon Class may have ended, but like many of you, I'm still hooked on the show. Every so often, I rewatch my favorite scenes, one of which is when Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) and Ma Hyeon Yi (Lee
The safest, most effective DIYs right this way.
Take it from me, a girl who has been obsessively dyeing her hair for 12 years: Lightening is always best left to the pros. Like, yes, I'm all for box dye and tinted hair masks, but "lifting" your hair color
They originally wanted her to be blonde.
Disney's hit 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid had little girls back then (myself included) fantasize about having red hair and brushing it with a dinglehopper. Who could ever forget Ariel's long auburn locks?Disney revealed that animators
Go ahead and make that salon appointment.
Brown will always be a popular hair color choice for Pinays because of many things: It's low-maintenance-you can have your locks dyed into a chocolate hue at home and you'll still get salon-like results. It&#
These looks are actually fire.
Here's the thing about red hair: Even though it's one of the prettiest hair colors out there (l mean, have you looked at your Insta feed lately?), it's also a maaaajor commitment. "Red is the hardest color to maintain
Para hindi sayang pera mo!
So you finally jumped the gun and decided to get your hair colored, yay! Your new hue has a life span of about a month or so before the pigment starts to fade-ang bilis 'no? How we wish our dark
She changed her hair again!
Literally a day after Kylie Jenner surprised us all with new, short hair, the 22-year-old has changed it up again-this time going for a long, golden brown style that makes her look a lot like older sister Kim.Just
Kim trolled her sisters with her new honey blonde hue.
The Kardashians have had more hair transformations than I've had meaningful life experiences, but thanks to Kim, I now know the one hair color that three of them are all desperate to achieve.While Khloe is the only current blonde
As if you needed another reason to be pumped for summer.
Helpppp: I have this ongoing issue where every time I open Instagram I feel the urge to dye my hair. Only, like, a quarter of those urges turn into actual appointments with my colorist, but still, I can't help but
Just. Do. It!
It's a new decade, so we think this is the *best* time to finally try things you haven't done before. Case in point: Blonde locks! If you've been wanting to get a fresh dye job but
If I bleach my hair for 20 minutes, it’ll look like this, right?
Just once (!) would I love for Vanessa Hudgens to have a hairstyle that doesn't make me want to overhaul my whole look to try to achieve something slightly resembling her new 'do. She did it to me in 2015 with
Super pretty!
Thought you left ombré hair behind in 2012? Nuh-uh... We've rounded up 21 totally dreamy colors that prove dip dye hair is just as cool as ever. Forget everything you thought you knew about ombré, these styles are beautifully
Purple shampoo is important.
So... you bit the bullet and *finally* got your hair colored. Hurray! Now comes the hard part-taking care of it and maintaining its vibrant hue. How you treat your strands plays a big role in its longevity and health. Ahead, we&#
Spoiler: They're both really freaking pretty.
TBH, the first time I heard my colorist use the word "lowlights," I assumed it was just an insider-y name for highlights. In reality? Lowlights and highlights are two very different techniques and, even though they're often used interchangeably,
'It is addicting!'
Coloring your hair in a different hue is a fun way to change up your look. Plus, it's not permanent, so you can dye it to a new shade every few months or so!Dye jobs, however, aren't
Such a fabulous makeover!
Chesca Garcia and her eldest daughter, 10-year-old Kendra Kramer, looked like they had a mommy-and-daughter date at the salon!On Instagram, Chesca shared a series of photos as Kendra got a new look with unicorn-streaked hair-and
Literally a lemon.
We're only six days into 2020, and while we're busy trying to finish off the food from our media noche, celebs are out here doing real things that don't still involve searching for and finishing off
Your purple shampoo stash is just a click away.
If you consider hair care just as important as skincare, listen up: There's a new professional hair care shopping website in the Philippines, and it can get you all those A-grade stuff you can only find in salons. I&#
Milk tea hair, anyone?
2019 was the year of crazy and subtle hair colors-from Billie Eilish's faded blue to a more wearable hue mimicking our fave milk tea drink. We rounded up all the shades that stole our hearts and constantly made rounds
’Cause damaged hair definitely isn’t fun.
Alright, don't hurt the messenger, but here's some news you definitely don't wanna hear: Under no circumstance should you actually bleach your hair at home. Really. Truly. Yes, I'm serious. I know it's hard to justify spending
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