Too much edginess, cannot compute!
Alrighty, so if you clicked this article, chances are you're a hella big fan of Cara's unique ability to look good in absolutely anything, right? It's almost unfair, but she is a model and that is
Teka lang, guys. This is the most important K-pop news of the day: BTS' Jungkook now has *blonde* hair! The 22-year-old idol debuted his new hair color earlier today at the Incheon Airport en route to Helsinki, Finland
Prepare to fall in love with all of these looks.
My favorite hair trend right now? Easy. Dyeing your hair a cool gray color. It's sleek, edgy, and you'll look like a total badass...what's not to love about all of that? And even if you don't have
Make your blonde hair color last.
When Asian hair is bleached, it transforms into a yellow straw-like hue. And for it to turn into a beautiful blonde color, the stylist must add dye and toner. Eventually, the toner's effect will fade. It's recommended that
Make your dye job last!
Flaunting your newly dyed hair can give you a natural high, especially if it's dyed a shocking bright or pastel color. However, maintaining the color and overall health of your locks can take so much work. You have to use
Looks just like ube, tbh!
We can't deny that we love (or aspire to have) pastel-colored hair. It's been on-trend for so many years now. It's loud, eye-catching, and a scene-stealer. But if the thought of having
Your hair and scalp will thank you.
Just like skin, our hair needs to be prepped and washed with the right kind of product to keep it in tip-top shape. We also turn to shampoos that give a good lather-bubbles give a satisfying clean feeling. But, did
BRB, booking my appointment.
For those who would love to get their dream hair color but are strapped for cash, the Universe has heard your wishes! Azta Urban Salon is celebrating their 15th anniversary, and they're offering 50 percent off Matrix Hair Color treatments (
You don't even have to go to the salon!
I'm sure that at some point in our life, we all aspired to have pink or rose gold hair (and we all have our IG feeds to thank for that). The only thing that's putting us off is
We're obsessed!
It seems like there's a new hair color trend that's trending every other day, and as a hair dye enthusiast, I personally LOVE it! (Remember when milk tea hair was a thing?) The inspos just keep coming, you
Extend the time in between touch-ups!
I've always known the consequences of coloring my hair, especially bleaching it. I knew that it would become dry and frizzy from all the damage, so I was prepared to pile on the hair masks and serums before leaving the
She looks AMAZING.
Sandara Park has proven again just how much of a style chameleon she is.In her latest Instagram photos, Sandara has noticeable blonde hair, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She's currently in France for Paris Fashion Week. She was also
Think again!
Kendall Jenner may not have walked in any of the New York Fashion Week shows this year, but she just popped up in London with a totally new look. Kenny ditched her dark brown hair and is a blonde now, and the
You're gonna want to try this at home.
Please gather 'round and prepare to be served the best hair makeover to date. This treat is courtesy of Demi Lovato and her brunette bob, which she just dyed to look like she was slimed by the overlords at Nickelodeon. I
Somewhere along the way, ombré hair got a questionable reputation. Like, between the streaky hair color craze of the early 2000s and the celeb endorsement of bold, not-at-all blended highlights, ombré quickly became an example of what not to do
All of these looks are pure FIRE.
Hate to break it to you, but summer is winding down *sobs*. But one of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that it gives me an excuse to switch up my hair color. The one shade that I've
Gong Cha wish you had hair like this?
No wonder her locks look so healthy!
Since she went blonde last April, Jessy Mendiola has been quite the hair color chameleon. She has since tried hues like ash gray and rose gold, before dialing it down again to a light brown. That said, the actress shares that the
It's time to try this universally flattering yummy color on your locks!
If you already have naturally dark hair and are considering updating your locks with some color, here are 19 chocolate hair colors to inspire your next pakulay appointment. From a full head of rich brown, to glossy lowlights and caramel balayage, these
Bella's going back to her roots—literally!
ICYMI, Bella Hadid's hair is no longer her signature shade of vampy brunette. And no, she didn't dye her hair that shade so she could be the spitting image of '90s supermodel Carla Bruni. She did it
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