Itching for a low-key makeover?
Jumping from one brown hair color to another sounds a little non-adventurous, but it's actually the best choice for a ~subtle change~. A simple adjustment in tone can already make a huge difference, and even more so if your
Ang ganda!
Another day, another hair transformation. This time, it's courtesy of one of our favorite local YouTubers, Anne Clutz! Recently, she posted a picture of her sporting a fresh new hue, and naturally, we were very ~intrigued~. Luckily for us, she
P79 lang siya!
Coloring our own tresses, no matter how enticing it looks, is still uncharted territory for many of us. It's the sort of thing we leave to professionals as much as we can, but since we are all in quarantine, we
Ang ganda!
A few months ago, Ryza Cenon surprised us with a pixie cut, and damn does she look good! It was the shortest she's ever had since she joined showbiz and it was such a ~refreshing~ change from her usual medium
She's a ~little monster~!
ICYMI, Red Velvet's first-ever sub-unit, Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI, recently debuted with the release of the music video for "Monster," plus a mini-album of the same name. Along with these huge announcements, Seulgi also revealed fiery red
DTI posted an update on permitted salon services.
For those who have been wondering when salons would start expanding their service menu, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has announced that hair treatments are now allowed.DTI released a new memo on July 7, 2020, stating that hair treatments,
It's the prettiest damn color of the year.
TBH, I'm kinda surprised that I've survived quarantine without dyeing my hair (for the record, I dye my hair con-stant-ly). Like, it wasn't until I saw the crazy amounts of lavender hair color ideas
It's 2020's hottest hair trend!
Over the weekend, Andrea Brillantes debuted a new hair color on her grid: chunky, face-framing blonde highlights! If you think it looks familiar, it's because it actually is. The last star we spotted with the early '00s trend
In case you're not yet ready for *that* kind of commitment.
At least once in our life, we have imagined what it would be like if our hair was a different color. If you do decide to bite the bullet and join the candy-hued locks bandwagon, know that regular root touch-ups
It really makes your life so much easier.
Here's the thing: At-home hair color kits are great because they help us get a DIY makeover at an affordable price. Most are just below P500, which is definitely good for our budgets! The only downside is that they
For when you want to cover up your roots or completely change your hair color!
With the recent announcement of the GCQ implementation comes the news that salons and barbershops are *finally* allowed to operate at 30 percent capacity while abiding by strict health protocols. A lot may rejoice at finally getting the chance to have their
Check out the options for fair, tan, and even *acne-prone* skin!
Your hair color has a bigger effect on your overall vibe than you think. We'd actually argue that it leaves as strong an impact as your makeup and outfit. So when choosing what dye job to get, you should definitely
These grow out ~seamlessly~.
Generally speaking, dyeing your tresses into another color means you're going to have to really commit (aka changing your entire hair care routine and getting regular root touchups). There are some hues, however, that are slightly easier to maintain than
Mix and match!
Welcome back to new hair season, or as most people like to call it-summer. Instead of choosing between a new cut or a fresh dye job, though, why not get both this time around (or at least when you can finally
A practical guide to being your own colorist.
Salon appointments are basically out of the picture until further notice. So, we've come up with ultimate guides to cutting your own bangs, doing your own facial, and scoring a pretty manicure. Now, we have a tutorial that covers (pun
Time to try a new hue!
With everyone stuck at home due to the enhanced community quarantine, we're sure that by now, you're probably seeing your dye job fading or your natural hair color growing back. Don't worry, though-whether your roots
Yes, you can pull off a bright hue!
Sure, it might be easy to dye your hair a little lighter than its natural color, say, a warm brown. The real challenge, though, is going for that candy hue that's been keeping you intrigued (albeit slightly frightened) since time
That box dye under your sink is finally gonna get some love.
If you're like me, you've spent the last two weeks convincing yourself you need a new hair color (or bangs. For, real though, should I get bangs?). And if you reaaaallly can't wait until you can
Easy tricks you can do ASAP.
Hairstylists, when dyeing regrowth, don't just pick a random shade from a chart to apply to your strands. They studied ~color mixing~ to ace the perfect shade that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your locks. This, my friends,
It looks good enough to eat.
How are you coping with your tresses during the quarantine? Are you struggling with covering up your roots? Considering coloring it by yourself? Or maybe taking this time to jazz it up with hair accessories so it still kind of looks decent?
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