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You *need* these!
As a self-proclaimed hair coloring junkie, I've tried pretty much every hue I wanted-from blonde, blue, pink, purple, green, silver, ashy periwinkle, and even split dye a few months back! (I blame quarantine, lol). If there's
It's such a flattering hair color choice for Filipinas!
Done updating your wardrobe for the summer? A hair makeover should be next in line! And if you're a morena girl looking for a subtle refresh, we found the perfect color you should try, courtesy of Gabbi Garcia's
Perfect for busy girls!
Hello there! When you meet me, the first thing you'll notice is my *bright* blonde hair. But it might surprise you to know that my friends' personal experiences caused me to be scared of reaching for the bleach before,
These hues look great when the sunlight hits them!
If you've been wanting to color your hair in a rainbow or pastel hue for the longest time but you aren't ready to have vibrant-looking strands just yet, we have the perfect solution for you: ~Subtle~ dye
Truly, the best of both worlds.
If you've ever looked at someone's hair color and wondered Is their hair red or blonde? Here's your answer: It's both, and it's called ~*strawberry blonde*~. Like the lighter version of auburn
What a cutie!
Sarah Lahbati loves surprising us with gorgeous hair makeovers, and her latest look has left us totally amazed. After cutting her hair into a super-short bob at the beginning of January 2021, she just had it dyed blonde! Check out her
Meet the color that's gonna be all over your IG feed this year.
Scroll through your Instagram right now, and I guarantee you'll see it filled with ash-brown hair. Defined by its brunette base with green, blue, and/or violet undertones, ash-brown hair is on its way to becoming one of
This fringe looks good on everyone, I promise!
Hello there! It's 2021 and I would like to suggest that you try this ~*trending*~ hairstyle before everyone else does: Curtain bangs. This fringe style frames the face and blend with the rest of the hair. Curtain bangs don'
The classic color gets an upgrade.
The color brown is the classic shade you can pick whether you're new or a veteran to dye jobs. While this hue can be viewed as basic, it really never gets boring. There are gazillion ways to make it look
Your dye job will be your little secret!
If you want to try dyeing your tresses in 2021 but you're *not* yet ready to commit to a root-to-tip bleach and color sesh, we found the perfect thing for you. Introducing: Hidden hair colors. You can keep
Can't. Stop. Looking.
It's an unofficial tradition that people change their hairstyles when the New Year starts-maybe a fresh haircut, some bangs, or a dye job. Pinays just want change as a symbolic approach to the new chapter that awaits.One celeb
It's a versatile hue!
Hello there! 2021 just began, and if you're looking to change up your appearance, now's the perfect time to do it. An easy way to do this is by coloring your hair-you'll immediately look like
Find your new look here!
With 2021 fast approaching, it's about time we celebrate the New Year with a brand-new look. What better way to change your appearance than by ~coloring~ your hair! If you've been trying to find the perfect time
We're seeing double!
Months after Sue Ramirez wowed us with her blonde hair, she went and refreshed her dye job: She debuted her new ash blonde hue on her Instagram. Not only that, but she also got some cute wispy bangs! She simply captioned the
Get a *clean* canvas for your next hair color!
Hello there! If you're reading this, chances are, you most probably have colored hair and you want to *remove* it so you can switch up your hue. You may have blue locks that have faded into a not-so-flattering
That IG filter got us almost fooled!
It was only a few months ago when Janine Berdin dyed her hair into a beautiful shade of purple ash blonde. People were shocked by her makeover because she looks so damn good! Here are pics to refresh your memory:A post
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If you're reading this because you've finally joined the colored hair bandwagon, congratulations! Welcome to the world of sulfate-free shampoos, ready-to-apply dyes, and *tons* of nourishing treatments. Getting colored locks is pricey, so you want
We love your new look, Erika!
You guys, Erika Rae Poturnak just got a new dye job, and we're so obsessed with the finished look! She's now sporting a pretty balayage hair color that perfectly complements her skin tone. Not only that, she has
If you're planning on coloring your hair, one of the things you must consider is if your workplace or school allows hues other than black or dark brown. Some rules may not have much wiggle room when it comes to
We're obsessed!
We can't count how many times we've recommended the lob to anyone who is looking to change to their hairstyle. It's perfect for anyone who wants a makeover but isn't ready to go really