Bagay na bagay!
We love hair transformations, but Ryza Cenon's recent makeover is one for the books! The actress has always sported medium to long locks which she often curled or wore in a ponytail. Here's a photo to refresh your
For future reference!
Having long, thick hair is a blessing, but as the temperature rises, you've probably been wanting to get a fresh chop. While salons in the metro are still not yet fully operational due to the general community quarantine (GCQ), here
Save these pegs for later! ;)
By definition, a blunt cut has the absence of layers. This type of haircut is snipped straight across, which creates a razor-sharp edge. This single-length finish then produces a sleek look for short hairstyles-this is the major reason blunt
She gave herself a light brown lob at home!
Being in quarantine has made DIY haircuts and hair colors quite the popular pastime. Though we've seen enough horrific fringe-trimming and bleaching videos online to know that these don't always work out, subtle changes won't
Mix and match!
Welcome back to new hair season, or as most people like to call it-summer. Instead of choosing between a new cut or a fresh dye job, though, why not get both this time around (or at least when you can finally
She's on a hairdressing rampage.
It's a proverb as old as time: when boredom hits and emotions run high, DIY fringes will ensue.The decision to get a fringe is not one to be taken lightly. We've all had that post-breakup or new
And they look good on every-freakin'-one. Really.
I know, I know-when you think of layered hairstyles, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the early 2000s emo punk look that was everywhere. I promise today's layered hairstyles are nothing like what you use to see
Bet you never considered these styles before!
So, you've decided you want bangs. The question now is: What kind should you get? Should you go for a blunt chop or should you go the K-drama lead actress route and get a light, wispy fringe? Either way,
She was his hairdresser for the day!
Marian Rivera has a new role: She is now the personal hairdresser of Dingdong Dantes.Since hair salons and barbershops are closed during the enhanced community quarantine that's been extended until April 30, Marian finds herself being called to active
You can still make your fringe work!
Since the quarantine started, we have been taking matters into our own hands when it comes to our hair. Some of us have tried to bleach and color it, while others dare to cut their own locks by themselves.Unfortunately, DIY haircuts
Without regretting it.
We still cannot believe that getting a haircut is considered "dangerous." COVID-19 spreads through droplets and enters the body through our eyes, nose, and mouth. This means that close physical contact will put you and the other person at risk of
And here's how you can do it in style.
Baby hairs were thought of as something that makes one look unruly. Well, it's 2020, and we want to debunk this myth. We're here to convince you that flaunting those tiny strands near your hairline is IN. You
'Hala, hindi pantay!'
Ever since the government placed Luzon under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has been staying at home to avoid transmission of the virus. With that, people have been looking for ways to amuse themselves and be
They're, like, shockingly easy to pull off.
I don't know about you, but when Rihanna chopped off her long, honey-colored hair into an angled, jet-black bob in 2007, my opinion of asymmetrical haircuts totally changed. Like, yes, a two-length haircut seems kinda extreme in theory,
When DIY is the *only* way to go.
So you've decided that you want a new look, specifically Joy from Red Velvet's hair. Her long hair with full bangs is too cute not to cop-think K-style meets cool girl. Plus, Joy's IG
It's #SarilingSikap time!
Summer is the perfect time to get a haircut-the change of season just pushes you to try something new! But if a salon trip isn't possible, you can dare to do it yourself. For today's #SarilingSikap challenge,
She. Looks. Good!
OG YouTuber Michelle Phan's hair has gone through so many changes in years. First up is the lob-a classic choice, we must say.She had blonde tips in 2012.Only to dye it back to black again. She'
He totally doesn't recommend his hairstyle!
Park Seo Joon plays entrepreneur Park Sae Ro in Itaewon Class, a series based on a webtoon with the same name. He cut his beautiful swoon-worthy hair (the one we all loved in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?) to
These styles are worth the upkeep.
Hot take: The biggest mistake when it comes to getting bangs has nothing to do with getting bangs in the first place (and, yes, that includes post-breakup bangs and quarter-life crisis bangs). Nope, IMHO, the reason bangs often get a
'Ang tagal humaba ng buhok ko!'
Ahh, the pixie cut-it's one of those haircuts you see on your favorite celebs and influencers but you never have the courage to try it yourself. That is, until after you decide na wala naman masyado mawawala sa'
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