We're obsessed!
We can't count how many times we've recommended the lob to anyone who is looking to change to their hairstyle. It's perfect for anyone who wants a makeover but isn't ready to go really
Aka the best hairstyle pegs!
If you've been a long-time follower of Cosmo.ph, you've probably noticed that celebrity haircuts are big news for us. Makeovers like these give us the inspiration to switch our hairstyles or leave us in awe of
Need this hairstyle ASAP.
We've got a cool idea to pitch: Why not try a blunt lob haircut for the holiday szn or even for 2021. The lob itself is super versatile-it's not too long and not too short. It hits
Super fresh!
Many trends have come and go, but short hair, particularly bobs and lobs, remains to be a favorite of Pinays. One major reason would be it can make anyone look fresher and younger. Plus, chopping off long locks gives you a certain
We're in love with her short 'do!
We're big believers of getting a full hair makeover whenever, wherever. Really, you don't need to be going through a major life moment for a chop-the sudden urge to get one is enough. Though we aren'
Promise, you'll find one that will look so cute on you!
If you love watching K-dramas, you will notice how gorgeous the leading ladies are, not only because of their flawless makeup and fashion, but also because of their always- fabulous hairstyles. Their locks are perfectly in place, they bounce whenever they
Short hair looks good on her.
Hi, hello! Today in quarantine hair makeover news, yet another celeb has been spotted with a brand new 'do. This time, it's courtesy of Maureen Wroblewitz. She debuted her fresh chop over on Instagram, and we gotta say, it
She's been growing her locks for *five* years before her haircut!
Our favorite girl Hyeri is back again with another vlog, and this time, she documented her first ~serious~ haircut! According to her, she has been growing her tresses for five (!!!) years. Before getting it snipped, she had chest-length locks. Here'
It looks so good on her!
Hi, hello! In case you've been debating on whether or not you should get the ~big chop~, maybe Angel Dei's latest haircut will help you make your decision. Over the weekend, the vlogger debuted a fresh new cut
Yes, please, to literally all of these.
If you love the look of a short bob haircut (i.e., a cut that hits right along the jawline), but you aren't ready to commit to such a big chop, allow me to introduce you to the long bob (
Chic hairstyles that thrive in neglect.
While we're still in quarantine, it's much safer for us to prolong the time between our hair appointments. So when you do go in for a haircut, choose a flattering style that you can also freely neglect for
She knows how to ~play~!
Andrea Brillantes has gone through multiple hairstyle makeovers since the quarantine started, and we're totally here for it! Take a look at her hair transformation below:First, she sported beautiful long, brown hair in May.Then in June, she was
She looks great—as usual.
News flash! Our favorite beauty peg, Heart Evangelista just got a hair update, and she looks so good.For the longest time, she's had mermaid-length hair which she styled in many ways.READ MORE:7 Beauty Trends Heart Evangelista
Aka how to not ruin your hair.
Salons in areas under general community quarantine and modified general community quarantine are now allowed to offer haircut services. The said establishments follow strict health and safety protocols so they will be allowed to operate. But, realistically speaking, it's still
Fresh and fierce!
Nothing beats the high of getting a haircut. Seeing yourself with a new 'do just makes you feel that you're ready for a big change-like you've launched version 2.0 of yourself. One celeb who is
'A shaved head is just a shaved head.'
If there's anything I've learned while scrolling through my feed over the last few months, it's that quarantine has given people the courage to cut, color, and style their own hair however they want. Speaking from
We love how extra chic it makes her look!
K-pop star Sandara Park is no stranger to drastic hair transformations. Her career as a member of girl group 2NE1 proved that she can sport almost any hairstyle-be it fiery red-orange tresses, a one-sided undercut, or her iconic "
Book your slot now!
Now that Metro Manila and some places in Luzon are under general community quarantine, there are select salons that have opened. Although the services are limited to haircuts, we'll gladly take it because having a few inches of our hair
We love it!
Now that more beauty service businesses like salons have reopened, more people have finally been able to get the hair makeovers they've been planning to get for months. For a lot of us, being in quarantine for more than three months
Low-maintenance indeed!
Getting a haircut during the quarantine period is way, way, way different than our salon visits pre-pandemic: We must set an appointment first (walk-ins aren't allowed), and stylists must wear PPEs while servicing us. TBH, it's
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