Call up your hairstylist RN.
January is probably my favorite month of the year (other than my birthday month, obvs). It's a time for ~new beginnings~, fresh starts, and setting goals. But instead of making a resolution I know I'll end up breaking
Your fave hairstyle just grew TF up.
I went through a pretty major pigtail phase in elementary school. But now that I'm a full-fledged ~adult~, the thought of combing my hair into two little pigtails makes me feel eight years old again (which, like, no thanks).
From beginner-friendly to advanced!
You promised yourself to learn new things in 2020, and one of the items on your list is to master braided hairstyles. You're now ready to graduate from the usual ponytail, congrats! Whether you've been wanting to perfect
Say yes to a DIY makeover!
In 2019, Pinays caved in and got a fringe, and we predict that this haircut will still be big in 2020. Ease in to trend with little commitment (ICYDK, bangs are high-maintenance!) by getting curtain bangs. These frame the face and
You'll love these for sure!
So you've grown out of your headbands or perhaps you're just looking for something new to accessorize your locks. Don't fret, you're not the only one! Below, we round up five of the coolest
A worthy sweldo splurge!
It's already 2020, but we're all still crazy about Korean hairstyles. We just love how their tresses look soft and romantic! In the name of our K-beauty obsession, we researched and found out that Vodana curling irons
Make the old new again.
Pinterest already predicted that '90s trends are here to stay in 2020, and included in the list are hairstyles. Expect to see more scrunchies, hair clips, and messy 'dos this year! To help you create these looks with a modern
It's time to hit up your hairstylist.
You guys, the lob (aka a long bob that ends somewhere between the chin and the collarbone) is alive and well. Yup, the haircut that took over the beauty world/all your feeds/every red carpet back in, like, 2017 is still
I sported bangs in 2018, and I have to say I miss how it defined my round face. What I don't miss about it is the ~malagkit~ feeling of having a fringe when it's hot (aka all the
Less time preparing, more time eating!
Hello! It's still the holiday szn aka when your schedule is packed with reunions and parties with people you actually like, lol. Anyway, this also means that you'll have to prep yourself quite *a lot* during this season.
We *really* liked bangs this year.
We definitely didn't give our locks a break this 2019-it seemed like there was always a new 'do that was trending on our Insta feeds. Here, we rounded up all the ~cool~ hairstyles and haircuts we saw throughout
The more you know...
We all know the struggle of using a curling iron on our own hair to achieve our ~*dream waves*~. But sometimes, no matter how much hairspray you use, your curls still won't hold. Bagsak agad.What could you be doing
My mind was like 'WHOA!'
You guys, I'm so excited to share this discovery with you that my heart is beating as fast as I am typing this article! I found a hairstyling tutorial on the internet that I'm pretty sure will change
You don't need to buy anything expensive, too!
Don't know how to style your tresses for those holiday reunions? We've got a cool proposal for you: Why not try adding a bow to your hairstyle? It's the easiest way to look polished and put-
Come and get it!
The end of December is one of the most popular times to get haircuts. Welcoming January with a fresh hairstyle kinda tells the world you're ~*ready*~ to start over and conquer the new year!If you're Team New
Try a cool-toned ash brown shade for a change!
For most of us Pinays, brown is the first hair color we've ever tried. After all, it's the second most natural-looking shade to black, and it's not too difficult to maintain. We won't
All by ourselves!
Hairstyling tools are quite intimidating because they call for expert skill and practice. This is the main reason we rarely use curling irons or straightening iron every day. We think they just take so much work. Ain't nobody got time
Is it auburn? Copper? Mahogany???
Just when you thought the Jenner girls were done with their shenanigans for the year-like Kylie being mad at Kourtney over a vibrator, Kendall going to her ex's basketball game, I could go on-Kendall shows she still has
Get ready to master these looks.
I think December is one of the best time to actually play with your hair. Whenever the temp drops and I know that humidity and heat won't eff with my hair, I fire up my flat iron, blow my paycheck
But, like, don't.
Raise your hand if you feel attacked every time a celebrity debuts a new hairstyle, forcing you to grab the scissors and try to achieve the same look but only worse because you decided you don't need professional help! If
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