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Saving these pics ASAP.
Aside from the fantastic plot and kilig love story, the hairstyles of the K-drama leads stand out as well. These hairdos help shape the characters, and we're NGL, we find ourselves wanting to steal their looks!If you agree
We're so ready for a hair makeover.
There is really no season to get a hair makeover. You can get a glow-up whenever you feel like it! If you're at this stage, we'd like to suggest this hair micro trend celebs have been loving
Show these to your hairstylist!
I got a haircut last week, and I dared to get a short hairstyle. I have a round face shape-aka I've got chubby cheeks since birth-so I've always been careful in choosing a hair length. I
Aka a love letter to her ever-changing looks.
If you're planning to switch up your hairstyle, you should check out Bea Alonzo's best looks. Her hair is always perfect whether she's going for something casual or polished. She has also tried short and long
Flat iron hair days are definitely in!
Angel Locsin just said goodbye to frizzy hair as she gave her 8.9 million Insta followers a peek at her brand new hairstyle crafted by Celeste Tuviera.On Instagram, Angel wrote, "That 2000s flat iron hair days. Should we bring this
It's the shortest haircut she's gotten so far!
We cannot believe that we're reporting the most surprising hair makeover we have seen in 2021: Sarah Geronimo got a pixie cut! The singer-actress has always been seen sporting long hairstyles during the beginning of her career and a
Copying this stat!
It's a given that Kathryn Bernardo looks good in any outfit, makeup look, or hairstyle, but this particular lewk deserves special attention. Makeup artist Denise Ochoa posted a set of photos of the actress and wrote in the caption: "When
Mind blown.
If you ever wonder why your locks are always flat but have random hair bends, you probably have naturally wavy hair. Tiktok user Alexa (aajordn) shared an important tip she learned from her salon hairdresser.Alexa said that her hairstylist told her
BRB, screenshotting all of these.
If you're looking to change up your hair color but you can't quite decide which direction to go, there's a beautiful place between the lands of blonde and brunette that you need to know about. It's called caramel
She looks like a doll!
I might be biased here because I've always been a fan of bangs. I love how a fringe can instantly change one's look without totally committing to a full haircut. It's true that bangs can be
They're pretty easy to DIY, too!
You're cute, and you've got the poses to help you ace that selfie. The element you may be missing? The perfect hairstyle! Your hair is everything as it completes your look. You'll become more photogenic when
Super fresh!
If it isn't obvious yet, summer is the time for hair makeovers. The change in season signals that it's the best moment to switch up our hairstyles. Of course, you're not required to go short hair
All it takes is a little bit of ~patience~.
So... you suddenly decided to get bangs in a spur-of-the-moment decision. They were cute and you had good times with them and all that, but now you're just *over* them. Okay, here's the thing: What
It's short hair szn!
When Jennylyn Mercado posted her new haircut on IG, I was pleasantly surprised! It was a photo of her working out, and I wished she would post a pic that would give a better view of her fresh 'do. And finally,
For some unexplained reason, we get the desire to get our hair dyed a lighter color during summer. Some celebs chose to go blonde or cut their hair short. If you're not ready to have all of your locks bleached,
Never boring!
It's a fact that AC Bonifacio is super cute! She's got powerful dance moves which helped her land a role on Riverdale. an adorable face. Clearly, AC is one cool girl. Aside from her talent and beauty, we
She's got bangs, too!
I'm at the stage where I want to get a hair makeover to ~feel~ things. So, I have been on Instagram searching for pegs and on Pinterest for added inspo. Salons are closed until April 30, so I'm
Is this a sign?
I was a bottle blonde gal from 2015 to 2018. It was a life filled with regular root retouch appointments, purple shampoos, dry shampoos, and color-preserving hair masks. The upkeep was intense, but I remember loving my golden locks because it
Time for a new look.
Have you heard of the news that is circulating on TikTok? Some Gen Z people say that middle parts are better than side-parted hair. As a millennial who grew up and ~witnessed~ the emo phase of everyone on Tumblr, I was
First of all, pack away the scissors.
I get it. You've been staying at home for almost a year. Salon trips aren't allowed and going out is part of distant history. Life has been put to a pause. You begin to crave change, and your