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Some of them have starred in more than than one international movie!
Time and again, Filipinos have proven our talents are not to be overlooked in the global arena. From making history at the Olympics, to drumming up noise in the music scene, to bagging Tony Awards, we can always find something to be
We got to see the ~fun~ side of the Sorsogon Governor!
Heart Evangelista is not only an actress, model, visual artist, content creator, and brand ambassador, now, she's a stylist as well. Fresh from her weeks-long trip to New York and Los Angeles, Heart got back to work in Manila
The actress revealed all her expenses come from the money she makes with her paintings.
As much as she's known for being an actress and a style icon, it's Heart Evangelista's title as a painter that benefits her best, at least when it comes to getting to buy whatever she wants.
Her 'Love' tattoo is in Chiz Escudero's handwriting!
Tattoos are usually inked on bodies as a symbol of love for a significant other, and Heart Evangelista did it in the sweetest, most touching way.With the help of tattoo artist Annie Concepcion, she got the word "Love" in red ink
'Hindi ako selosong tao.'
In Part 2 of Karen Davila's special interview with Heart Evangelista and Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero, she touched on a subject that's quite ~controversial~: Heart's ex-boyfriend Jericho Rosales.Karen asked Chiz if Heart would *hypothetically*
'It's my body.'
Heart Evangelista says enough is enough as she fires back at those pressuring her to get pregnant. On Monday, September 6, Heart responded to a compilation of Tiktok users' comments on a video of her in a bikini at the beach.
Is Heart about to make her Netflix reality series debut?!
In recent years, Heart Evangelista has been making a name for herself in the international scene for her work in the arts and fashion. But it looks like she will be transitioning to another ~world~, that of reality TV entertainment!So remember
The dessert was topped with *golden flakes.*
Heart Evangelista recently had what's probably the most sosyal Filipino dessert we've ever seen.On August 27, Heart took to Insta to post a photo of halo-halo with *golden flakes* on it."Blinged out halo-halo @kanelk_k,"
Take notes, you guys!
With how uncertain our economy has been due to the pandemic, it's high-time we take a good look at our money and how we're spending it. Sure, the world of finance may be an intimidating terrain to
Just a day in the life of Heart Evangelista. No biggie.
Heart Evangelista has been in the US since last week on what seems to be a work-related trip. In New York, she spent an afternoon with her "Vogue family," Editor of, Chioma Nnadi, and Vogue Experience Manager and writer,
It was a day full of skincare tips and fun bonding!
We certainly missed going to events IRL, and we couldn't believe Pond's and Cosmopolitan Philippines pulled off a fun beauty-filled afternoon that everyone enjoyed right at the comfort of their homes.On July 30, Pond's,
In case you're missing this *era* of Philippine TV.
Fantasy series basically *defined* 2000s Pinoy television, and over the years there have been some pretty wild teleseryes on GMA-7, TV5, and ABS-CBN. Aside from magic and romance, one favorite trope was making the lead character a half-human and
It's her first acting project in three years!
It's been three years since we last saw Heart Evangelista on a TV show. (Her last project was My Korean Jagiya which aired from 2017-2018!) If you've been seeing her Instagram stories lately, you'll know
Heart and Richard make a perfect on-screen couple!
ICYDK, Heart Evangelista and Richard Yap are set to star in the upcoming GMA-7 teleserye, I Left My Heart In Sorsogon.Heart, who's been named as one of the world's top luxury influencers, posted several behind-the-scenes
Congrats, you guys!
There was a time when it was easy to tell if you've made it as a musical performer. Sell a bunch of records, make it to the top of the charts, sell-out arenas, that sort of thing. But now,
'Charot' but make it classy.
If you've watched Heart Evangelista's IG Stories or vlogs, you might have caught her saying "charot" when she's goofing around. A quick refresher for those who aren't familiar with the slang: Charot is usually
Heart can't help but feel kilig!
Was it destiny? Heart Evangelista shared that in 2009, she crossed paths with her now-husband Chiz Escudero at an airport. Little did she know, he noticed her too! On July 11, Heart posted a series of photos recounting the kilig encounter
Oh yes, things got complicated.
Switching things up is always a normal part of anyone's career-actors included. So why is it that it is almost always big news when a star decides to change networks? Big networks in the Philippines move a lot like
There are no rules!
One way to elevate a basic outfit is by adding accessories to your look. Headbands, hats, and jewelry can take a laidback casual look into a polished OOTD. In this case, we're suggesting that you try layering necklaces.This trend
It looks like time does heal all wounds.
For Heart Evangelista's latest vlog, she brought in her sister Camille and her mom Cecile to bond over good food and lots of kwentuhan. While preparing Camille's signature butter crab with sardines pasta, the three of them dished