Stylish clothing doesn't need to be expensive!
Right about now, we're busy looking at Heart Evangelista's posts to cheer us up on a Monday. She's currently in Sorsogon, and she's been busy creating content that shows us how beautiful the Bicol
It looks just like those libraries featured in K-dramas!
There are certain locations and settings commonly shown in K-dramas that have become easier to spot for fans. There's most likely a scene in a café or a chicken restaurant, one in a park or a bamboo forest, and one
It's been 17 years since it was released!
In 2003, two up-and-coming love teams starred in Star Cinema's twin-bill romantic movie, My First Romance. The first half, titled One Love, starred Heart Evangelista and John Prats, while the second one, Two Hearts, was headlined by
She looks great—as usual.
News flash! Our favorite beauty peg, Heart Evangelista just got a hair update, and she looks so good.For the longest time, she's had mermaid-length hair which she styled in many ways.READ MORE:7 Beauty Trends Heart Evangelista
Relaxed yet sophisticated.
We always see Heart Evangelista in well put-together outfits. Like a true fashionista, she loves matching tailored pieces with delicate items, and she's into mixing high and low brands. Her fashion week outfits are really something else.We are
We spot a new favorite arm candy, too!
Heart Evangelista has been giving her OOTDs a local twist. The fashionista usually completes her outfit with a luxury bag, but recently, she has been spotted sporting locally made handbags.In an Instagram post on July 26, 2020, Heart expressed how amazed
Hacienderos, politicians, heiresses, and more.
We love a good rags-to-riches story. We've all seen reality show contestants bawl on TV, sobbing as they confess how a career in show businesses would lift up their family's quality of life. It's
She's so talented!
If you've been following Heart Evangelista on social media long enough, you would know that painting is one of her many talents. While most of us would color on paper, Heart's canvas of choice is usually a pristine
Which ones did you watch back in the day?
Koreanovelas made their way into Philippine TV in the early 2000s.Thanks to ABS-CBN and GMA-7, Filipinos have looked forward to watching dubbed versions of these Asian dramas produced in South Korea, and have gone crazy over the Korean stars
Which of these have you watched?
Pinoys have been obsessed with Koreanovelas since the early 2000s.Popularly known today as K-dramas, these shows received good ratings when their Tagalized versions were aired on Philippine TV.This prompted ABS-CBN and GMA-7 to buy the rights to
A week after Heart Evangelista sold one of her paintings to buy 550 tablets for students in need, the actress announced on Instagram that she's in the process of cleaning out her closet to sell some pieces for charity. On June
Heart of gold, indeed.
Heart Evangelista has always been known to be generous and caring especially to those in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Heart continuously worked to share her blessings and reach out to those who needed it the most. Recently, Heart shared that
'We all have our cross to carry.'
Heart Evangelista revealed her bouts with depression and anxiety on the GMA-7 show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on Sunday, May 24.Born to the well-known Ongpauco family, Heart has always lived a privileged life with its trappings-trips abroad, designer
Here's a rundown of successful professional family relationships.
Get the look for less!
Heart Evangelista is known for exquisite fashion taste, so we always watch for the next thing she includes in her OOTD posts. Recently, we've spotted her wearing the coolest pair of glasses, and we just had to find out where
A peek into her life as a stepmom.
Heart Evangelista was treated with a Mother's Day lunch by her stepkids Quino and Chesi Escudero.The actress captures the moment, and puts it out on her Instagram Stories.Quino and Chesi, kids of Heart's husband Sorsogon Governor
Recycle and rearrange!
Heart Evangelista proves that life doesn't have to be boring even with the ongoing community quarantine. Lately, she's been doing some minor home improvements to keep her busy.Culled from her Instagram Stories, see how Heart transforms her
Get inspired by these delicate tatts!
If you're fresh out of tattoo ideas, you can never go wrong with going for a minimalist design. Not only is it easier to pull off, it's perfect for first-timers, too! Below, we rounded up some fail-
From ABS-CBN and GMA-7's top-rating and most iconic programs!
Gone are the days when streaming sites only offered Hollywood and Asian TV shows and movies here in the Philippines.Streaming apps Netflix, HOOQ, Amazon Prime, and iFlix have already discovered great content from the Philippines, which is why select Filipino programs
Pambahay, but fashion.
Heart Evangelista has consistently been breaking the internet with her outrageously fashown TikTok videos, in which she's seen traipsing around her humble abode (okay fine, luxe abode) in head-to-toe designer pieces. Just ordinary Heart Evangelista things.This is
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