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Heart said, 'Only Dior can make a fan fashionable.'
Heart Evangelista is known to serve stylish and elegant designer looks, and yesterday on Instagram, she shared a photo of herself posing with a pretty pink Dior fan. She captioned it, "Only @dior can make a fan fashionable."The Dior fan is
'She inspires women to be confident in themselves, to be your own kind of beautiful.'
Natch may be based in the US but her love for Heart Evangelista knows no bounds. At 52, Natch has amassed an enviable collection of Heart's collaborations with various clothing, accessories, and jewelry brands. "I became a really serious [fangirl]
Kris Bernal: 'I was born with a matangos na ilong.'
If there's one thing that most, if not all, Filipino celebrities are subjected to, it's being caught up in plastic surgery rumors. Some personalities have been open about getting beauty enhancements, and that's totally cool! But
'Morning meetings with Brandon Boyd.'
Worlds certainly collide, and in this case, it's that of Heart Evangelista and Brandon Boyd, vocalist of rock band Incubus.In an Instagram Story on May 25, Tuesday, Heart shared a screenshot of a video call with Brandon and two
From light daily spritzes to ones you can wear to date night!
If citrus scents are the plain white tees of fragrance, then floral perfumes are definitely the little black dress. You should have at least one in your collection-flowers are the center of most blends, after all. If you're in
Cute and casual!
When it comes to comfortable and wearable fashion trends, nothing beats dresses. Aside from never worrying about matching your top and bottoms, a dress will make you look polished and put together right away. It's the best style time-saver,
These moms prove that they don't have to be related by blood to become family.
Not all families look the same, and even though yours may not fit the traditional setup of a family, it doesn't take away from the quality of your relationship with each other. For instance, these celebrities have also stood as
She even shared a photo from when she was 12 years old!
Kris Bernal has a message for those who are asking if she had her nose done: "A lot of people think I had a nose job but I was born with a matangos na ilong." This ~announcement~ happened after she addressed a "
It's been over six years since her Balesin wedding with Chiz Escudero.
It's public knowledge that Heart Evangelista's relationship with her parents became complicated when she started dating then-Senator Chiz Escudero in 2012. This resulted in their falling out and with Heart's parents choosing not to attend
'I am for making yourself a better version but DO NOT BELIEVE if they said they did my face.'
Actress and vlogger Heart Evangelista recently took to Twitter to debunk *claims* that she got a nose job and to express her concern for a female Twitter user who claimed that she was going to have a procedure done by Heart'
Looks like Khloe is a Maja fan!
Maja Salvador was totally shocked when she found out that Khloe Kardashian had liked a string of her most recent Instagram posts. She said on her IG stories, "Whoa! Legit nga! Siya nga talaga nag-like!"According to PEP, three out of
Time for a new look.
Have you heard of the news that is circulating on TikTok? Some Gen Z people say that middle parts are better than side-parted hair. As a millennial who grew up and ~witnessed~ the emo phase of everyone on Tumblr, I was
NGL, those big holes are hard to miss!
Almost everyone owns a pair of jeans because they're super easy to mix and match with clothes. Plus, they're available in different styles that can suit our taste and body type.Fashionista Heart Evangelista decided to take a
Good things come to those who wait.
Finally! Heart Evangelista shared her closet favorites! In the first part of the vlog series, she focused on her top bags and accessories. She's known for having an extensive collection of designer bags that are on display in her walk-
They stood their ground and made their voices heard amid all the negativity thrown at them.
Body-shaming is something that most-if not all-women have personally experienced. When we were younger, we might've come across a tita or classmate who made inappropriate remarks about our weight and body-"Ay, tumaba ka, no?" or "Grabe,
Simply classy.
We can't count the times we wrote about Heart Evangelista's sophisticated fashion taste. From her Fashion Week looks to something as simple as wearing jeans or sneakers, she's your gal to turn to for style inspo.
Wow, we would've loved to see that!
Welp, we finally confirmed what we've suspected for a long time: Heart Evangelista *did* audition for a role in the 2018 blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians! In Dr. Aivee Teo's latest vlog where Heart was the guest, the
Heart says she 'had to start from scratch' when she left her parents.
One look at Heart Evangelista's Instagram account and you'd think the actress has always had it all. Despite being born into a well-off family though, (she's the daughter of restaurant magnate Rey Ongpauco and Cecilia
It's now available in the Philippines, too!
Have you always wanted to channel your inner wild feminine with makeup? Well here's some news you'll definitely love: a Discovery Channel-inspired eyeshadow palette is finally dropping in the Philippines-and you can easily buy it online!
Layer up!
I'm self-confessed ginawin. I always bring a cardigan or a jacket with me because a light gush of wind or AC can make me feel super cold. Don't get me wrong, though. I am enjoying the cold