The "smize" (smiling with your eyes, obviously) is as known as Instagram itself. But there's a new social media pose on the block: the "shmile!" Coined by Daily Mail, influencers are flooding timelines with the pose, which sees them smiling
The top spot was previously held by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.
Last November 2018, BLACKPINK's maknae, Lisa, launched her official YouTube channel, and BLINKs from different areas of the world were elated. She's only uploaded two videos, and this is her latest one:2019 has just begun and the
And it made her Insta-famous!
Nothing says commitment like getting a tattoo.Sure, you could always cover ink you regret with another one, or have it lasered off if that's something you can afford. But that takes a lot of effort. So when you get
Yesterday, January 9, Angelica Panganiban responded to a basher who accused her of not being genuine when talking about Carlo Aquino, and who even told her to "grow up" and to "act her age," especially when it comes to social media (pretty
It's called relationship tagging, and it's basically the new DTR.
When I first heard about "Relationship Tagging"-a dating term writer Taylor Lorenz coined in her recent article for The Atlantic-it got me thinking...wait, people actually do this on social media? IG this is the modern day DTR.It'
Liza Soberano, who made it to the hall of fame of the "World's Most Beautiful" list in 2018, just did a Taylor Swift and cleared her entire Instagram feed for the new year. This means that all of her posts
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