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His range knows no bounds!
Most K-drama fans would probably recognize Lee Kyu Hyung in his many cameos, if not as Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee)'s husband in Hi Bye, Mama!. But did you know that he shot to fame because of his
Everyone, meet our ~Potato Boy.~
Thanks to Nevertheless, it seems like more and more people are swooning over our potato boy, Chae Jong Hyeop! And we totally get why: Aside from his endearing character in the drama, Jong Hyeop's smile can make anyone smile! He&#
Three words to describe him? 'Gwapo, polite, and talented!'
Between us K-drama enthusiasts, it's very likely that we're not the only ones who've dreamed of meeting their favorite K-drama oppas. But very few of us can probably say that they've met-
These actors are talented on screen and in musical theatres.
You already know they're good at acting, but did you know that some of your fave K-drama oppas are great singers too? These talented actors rock the musical theatre scene like no other. Some of them even got their start
Let the games begin!
Move over, Kim Bok Joo! There's a new weightlifting fairy in town. The world watched with bated breath the other night as Filipina weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz made history and became the Philippines' first-ever gold medalist at the Olympics. We have
Siri, play "Love Me Like That" by Sam Kim.
The first time I read about Nevertheless' plot (from news sites, not the webtoon version), I thought it's going to be a love story set in college. You know, the usual storyline in K-dramas where a kissing scene
Get ready for so many ~feels~.
It's been over 15 years since the debut of OG idol group Super Junior. The group was a K-pop game-changer: Its initial lineup attracted a diverse fanbase and its large member count (more to love with thirteen members!)
Yes, Jun Ji Hyun is a BIG FAN of the zombies!
The much-awaited Netflix special episode, Kingdom: Ashin Of The North, is finally here! It "unravels the mysteries" behind Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun), the new character we met at the end of Kingdom Season 2, as well as the origins of the
From commitment issues to creepy behaviors, we hope you steer clear of partners like these.
Some K-drama characters are impossibly dreamy. Take the fabulous five of Hospital Playlist, for example. Each one of them is practically perfect. On the flip side, there are nightmarish fictional guys (and girls!). They bear big, bright red flags from head
'Kingdom: Ashin of the North' just aired on Netflix!
We love a good fantasy-themed K-drama or film, and when it comes to supernatural creatures, zombies have been topping our list lately. Great cinematography and creative storytelling are pluses, too, of course. Whether you're looking to get seriously spooked
She is a master of cute facial expressions and gestures!
Amongst thousands of Korean celebrities, Hyeri of the OG girl group Girl's Day stands out as a multi-talented star. She has had a pretty impressive 11-year-long career, dipping her toes in various fields like singing, dancing, hosting,
His character, Yeo Jun, is someone he can relate to.
In K-dramas, we often encounter characters who seem to have it all: They're good-lucking, smart, and rich, plus they're loved by *everyone*. Take for example Yeo Jun from At A Distance, Spring Is Green-from afar,
Remember the flashback scene in Crash Landing On You where we see a young Captain Ri playing the piano next to the ~most gorgeous~ view in Switzerland? Well, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez just visited the exact same location during their family
Saving these pics ASAP.
Aside from the fantastic plot and kilig love story, the hairstyles of the K-drama leads stand out as well. These hairdos help shape the characters, and we're NGL, we find ourselves wanting to steal their looks!If you agree
Calling all ReVeluvs! Let the streaming begin.
K-pop girl group Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with members Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy. The group's maknae (youngest), Yeri, joined the team in 2015. The girl's experimental approach and unique concepts continue to differentiate them from
We'd SCREAM if she ends up living in the PH.
Yesterday, at a virtual fan meet organized by the telecom company Smart, Son Ye Jin was asked about her thoughts on the Philippines. The Crash Landing On You actress recounted visiting the country with her family about 10 years ago, when they
She’s got us hooked since 'It’s Okay to Not Be Okay'!
Actress Park Gyu Young is the rising actress to watch right now! We loved to hate her in the K-drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay (more on that later!) and she's slowly winning our hearts in The Devil
Every easter egg is on point!
Do you ever have those ~moments~ when you just feel warm and happy inside because a K-drama like Hospital Playlist exists? Because that's how I feel every Thursday. This medical series is relatable, comforting, and always heartwarming-it'
Her new leading man? B1A4's Jin Young!
Fresh off of her Netflix rom-com film Sweet & Sour, which went viral for its ~shocking~ plot twist, Queen Krystal is back on the small screen with a brand new coming-of-age drama, Police University. That's not all though, &#
The drama was already planned in 2019!
It looks like we're going to add another series to our list of K-drama remakes because the popular American TV show, Jane The Virgin, will have a Korean spinoff!Due to a medical mistake, Jane, a religious Latina virgin,